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What if your favorite isekai anime, webtoon or manga was not just fiction? What if it suddenly was your new life as you know it? Before your new life, you might have been just an ordinary human commuting to work. Or maybe you were just laying down in bed scrolling through your phone one day when the mysterious ad popped up on your device advertising a MMORPG game. Either way the mysterious game ad played: Restart — the New Beginning. Thinking nothing of it, you watched the unusually random advertisement. Beautiful graphics. Strongly animated fight scenes. Illustrious landscapes. Appealing character designs. All of it that quite frankly should not be present in a mobile game. “You wonder is it really worth your time?”(idk if this 1 line is needed). It’s appealing enough but you don’t expect much. Perhaps 10-15 minutes tops of play time and then you’ll shut the game down. But as you click on the screen, suddenly, your fantasy world transforms into your reality.

When you wake up, you find yourself in the most unlikely of situations: you are in the game as your character. The good news? You can no longer age so you get to live that #RPGAvatar life. The bad news? Well…suddenly, the meaning of having one life becomes all too real for you.

Now you have 3 goals to succeed in your new world: Read about your character carefully. Adapt to the game world. And lastly. do. not. die.

Some say that once you pass the final level you can go back home. But who knows. It could just be a rumor. And do you even want to go back home? I mean, here, you can be who you want to be. Nobody is aware of your previous life. Those school exams, that annoying bully, that uncompromising work life. You can escape it all. “Here you make your own choices. Here you can make a new life.

≫ You also have the choice to be an NPC (non playable character). Read more about it in the rules page. 
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rule one » please favourite the role-play before commenting, an upvote is not needed but much appreciated!
rule two » this roleplay is a game au that revolves around your character performing different tasks to level up. this will help you develop your character and his story line, you can do this in your own time but make sure you take advantage of roleplaying with other characters while participating in missions and quests. these tasks may also save you the trouble of coming up with a plot.
rule three » out of character drama will not be tolerated in this roleplay. if this is the case, we understand that being in the same roleplay as somebody that you have blocked or dislike can be troublesome but this is meant to be a fun space; do not antagonise each other. if any out of character drama occurs, please bring it to the attention of the admins.
rule four » the chanted word is… (if not clear, the chanted word stands for drowssap lol), what about this roleplay attracted you?
rule five » second characters are permitted when your first character reaches level 3 and you make a blog advertising the roleplay (make sure you link the roleplay in your ad!).
rule six » make sure to mention in your application (or pm if doing it later) if you upvote! upvote = gives you an extra 70 gold in your pocket, cha-ching!
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MiMi18PoP 9 months ago
Hi,sorry, but can I reserve Han Jisung from Stray Kids again please?
MiMi18PoP 9 months ago
Can I reserve Han Jisung from Stray Kids please?
779b668b99188101f4dc 11 months ago
hey there!
i would like to give this place a second try! could i have im jaebeom again?
_tatakae_ [A] 1 year ago
Nam woohyun for me.
MaleWifey [A] 1 year ago
some rooms will be updated
there are people rping in rooms
we still welcome new faces
Privacy- 1 year ago
Can I reserve Park Jimin please?
teacuptentacles 1 year ago
I’m thinking about it
DiabloEaterMfkr 1 year ago
O w O ... hiii~
Hwannie 1 year ago
Hi, could I add & reserve Kim Hanbin?
TaetaehyungV 1 year ago
Hey. Can i have woo jiho
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