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about us -
just a basic non-au where people can come and chill. 
Meaning of the title is "a soft, gentle breeze"
rules -
01 - pls favourite the roleplay before applying. Upvotes are welcomed but not required.

02 - no ooc drama here pls, if there's an issue you can't work out on your own or you need admin assistance, PM the main admin!

03 - DO NOT comment when leaving, PM one of the admins. If you need a hiatus, then tag an admin in the hiatus room.

04 - all faceclaims must be 18+ in order to be accepted, this is to prevent ualizing minors.

05 - no real dating ban, i just ask that y'all get to know one another before getting hitched. And please please pleease try your best to make everyone feel included and comfortable. No one likes to be left out. Move-ins are welcomed, but do not join and just talk to your s/o. 

06 - all orientations and nationalities are welcomed as well. pw is your favourite word.

07 - you can have unlimited charas, but pls know your limits and really think about it before getting an extra. 2nds require a blog ad and 3rds require an upvote, but the rest are free to grab, no requirements.

08 - all cc's should be requested in the request room, and for additional charas, comment on the roleplay.

09 - do not request faceclaims that have been in criminal scandals, are deceased, or have stated they do not wish to be roleplayed.

choi jinri, christian yu, godfrey gao, goo hara, kim jisung (kiji kush), kim jonghyun, lee jieun (iu), shin yueun, xiu akay, lee seungri, kim woojin, park hyemin (pony), etc... 

application -
admins -
song dahye
kang dongho


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noirblanxx 1 week ago
hwang hyunjin pls
moonflower 1 week ago
yang jeongin pls
lukhei [A] 1 week ago
+ checked
+ check our wishlist!
+ pls favourite the roleplay before requested a fc/applying
LadyofGalifrey 1 week ago
Add and reserve Lee Sunmi please
MermaidMelody 1 week ago
Boa Kwon please :3
catboyminsu 1 week ago
kang minhee pls !!
ookamishouju 1 week ago
Park Sooyoung pls
DamnDaehyun 1 week ago
Can I reserve Lucas Wong?
[comment deleted by owner]
lukhei [A] 1 week ago
+ checked
+ check our wishlist!
+ pls favourite the roleplay before requested a fc/applying
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