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opening +
accepting est 01.01.21
co-ad vacancy
a3 1 slot available
january event
coming soon (10+ fc)
  about us 
walk the line ✉
A happy new year and late Christmas, guys. Wishing you're all always in good health and wrapped in constant contentment. You are such an incredible person to make it through this year, which has taught us numerous lessons, and remains grateful for what we had thus far. Amazed how we thrive daily for the better good, I hope you keep getting closer to your goals and everything you set your minds into, neither the smallest matters nor the big step. I hope you won't ever be discouraged nor feels alone that we all are in this together.
follow the terms of rules
roleplay setup
we are All orientations, non au and event based roleplay. selfpaced is our ninja way. 
we highly encourage wholesome behavior which means:
Do not get overly clique, you and everyone in this place are cool to converse with. try to get to know everyone, be nice. 
Do not face chase or user chase, which can make the other party feel uncomfortable. be mindful of your actions 
Do not ualize minors (upon spotted we will give one strike for user + immediate removal). everyone below the age of 18 years unless under the law applicable to the child, the majority is attained earlier (article 1) the convention on the rights of the child. as for legal age by korean standard are 19 years (by int age). 
Do not bring up ual topics in the non rated rooms. the walls and dms are your own rights upon consent.
respect everyone including their preferences and decisions. 
use the rant room if you are having a rough day. talk it out if it helps you feel better. also don't forget to eat your meals, become well rested and look after your health. 
do not spreading negativity. why not? cause that's just manners. (we will give two strikes upon spotted before immediate elimination).  
use the request room to request a personal or couples room. for couples, we recommend using this request feature to ask for your own space or ask for a rooms / place / location to roleplay. try to make everyone feel welcome in the main chat instead of just pda.
reservation & faceclaims
favorite the rp (upvote are optional but very much appreciated) comment down your desired face claim by full name + stage name if there's any.
we are only accepting asian descent face claims as of now.
we are not accepting face claims involved in major scandals (dating doesn't count), deceased fc, married fc, and idols who do not wish to be roleplayed (e.g iu, christian yu).
reservations last for 24 hours. make sure to attain 100 pts within 25h of acceptance, if you couldn't meet the requirements, your fc will be instantly removed (24h fir you to reclaim your fc). communicate with the admins if you have conditions.
ic drama is allowed upon consent, on the other hands do not bring up ooc drama.
dating ban for 5 days, move in couples are allowed. marriage is allowed after 5 weeks of being accepted.
inactivity is set for a week, you can request a hiatus (max 2 weeks) or semi hiatus via the request room.
do not comment when leaving. pm an admin instead.
if you have read this through, include "has read and accepts the rules" in your app form.
alts requirements
1st fc : free
2nd fc : promote this rp on blog ads (comment + link to the blog post)
3rd fc : 500 pts on two previous alts
4th fc : 1K pts on each alts
5th fc : participate in 1 monthly event
g e t
f e a t u r e d
come in, prep and get ready for upcoming event
passcode on the rules *
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larsipan 3 hours ago
Why is this in my favorites
nunchi 2 days ago
so pretty <3
kim namjoon plss
[comment deleted by owner]
taemint 4 days ago
I’m not gonna ask why taehyung is open I’m just gonna ask for him instead O_O
boothang 4 days ago
ok I ningning again
YeolMun 1 week ago
Kim mingyu pls
soonyoung 1 week ago
leaving a fave here cause this rp looks hot as hell :hot_face:
mybunny24 1 week ago
Is yoo kihyun available, if so please add^^ thank you ouo
-lukas 2 weeks ago
hello hello i am here to ask for kim sunwoo pretty please
mondayblues 2 weeks ago
slowly break dances
reserve jang kiyong for me please :)
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