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EST. 2021
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section : statics
statusopen and accepting
wantedyou, you and you
opening date01/07/2021
notice19+ all orient
otherno intls for now
section : featured
feat. female
feat. male
section : featured track
section : admins
park seonghwa
main admin
gmt -5
kang seulgi
gmt -5
song yuqi
gmt +8
shin ryujin
gmt +8
admin name
section : infobox
nothing out of the the ordinary here, we just strive to be a nice place for people to hang out and chill.
section : rules
1) favouriting the rp is required to join. Upvoting is not required to join but it's greatly appreciated.

2.) all face claims MUST be 19+ intl age to join. this is to ensure that we aren't ualizing minors. Intls are not accepted at this time. 

3.) you may have up to 4 charas. 2nds are allowed after an upvote, 3rds after a blog post, and 4ths after each of your previous charas have reached 500 each. reservations last 24hrs. you cannot have more than one chara per group. 

4.) inactivity is set to 6 days for now, you will receive one 24hr warning before your chara is removed. you are welcomed to return but you must gain 100 pts within 36 hours. this is to ensure activity. pw is your favourite fruit. also, if you are removed, it isn't guaranteed your face claim will be available as they are free to play by anyone once you're removed.

5.) no user/face chasing here pls. even though it is bound to happen regardless, pls try to be mindful of others. With that being said, no ooc drama either, if there's an issue, do not hesitate to approach an admin in pms. the dating ban is just 5 days.

6.) if leaving, please pm the main admin instead of commenting on the roleplay. post in the hiatus room for hiatuses, and post in the request room for requests such as, additional charas, personal housing, and additional roleplaying/misc rooms. 

7.) no requesting fc's that stated they do not wish to be rped, problematic,  people that have been involed in crimes, or those that are deceased. A list of said face claims will be given whenever possible.
section : application
full namepark seonghwa
age + orientation22 + panual
passwordread the rules


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CorpseHusbando 1 week ago
jung jinsoul as my second pl eas e
godzilla [A] 1 week ago
× checked
× favorite the rp before applying
× check the ML before requesting a faceclaim
× face claims must be 19+ yrs of age to be accepted
× no internationals at this time
deobixcch 1 week ago
Choi chanhee please
unbothered 1 week ago
bae joohyun plith rip
PUDDIN [A] 1 week ago
+ checked +
neozones 1 week ago
can i snatch na jaemin
jerapah 1 week ago
oh new rp! lemme join as kim jungwoo pls, sankyuu <3
tinytaeng 1 week ago
kong xiaoyin pls
PUDDIN [A] 1 week ago
+ checked +
cancel 1 week ago
park sooyoung please
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