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Welcome to hell. Unlike what is written in holy books, your stay will probably be short, this is a place purely to post with a hint of actual roleplaying.

Admin Chanyeol will mostly be on Genshin Impact and mostly serve as a moderator here, Admin Jooheon, Admin Rosie, and Admin Yeosang are here for fun and because they accepted Chanyeol's impulsive decision to make a rp (mad props to them <3).
Favourite first please, we will be checking. We will not be accepting accounts under one month old.
All orientations but no minors allowed so face claims must be over 19 years old internationally.
We welcome move-in couples, dating ban of 5 days since we wanna be focused on talking to everyone.
Currently only three characters are allowed, second character is permitted after upvote and blog. Third is obtained once first alt has 1,000 points and second has 500 points. You may only have two face claims from the same group providing the group has more than 8 members.
No OOC drama of any kind and no username/roleplay dropping, you will be warned once before being kicked out. Inactivity is set at 7 days, two warnings then the boot.
Make effort to talk to everyone and include them in the chats, if the admins try then we expect you to do thr same as well.
PM admins if you wish to leave or if any problems arise with any of the member within the rp.
Be mindful of any topics that may be uncomfortable to anyone in the chat rooms. Password is what are the admins' generic role around the place.
full name & age


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benihime 19 hours ago
can i get lee seheun?
1457ch1257m45 2 days ago


For all you lovely people
Come and collect your pretty cupcakes
PaboEunMi 2 days ago
I should probably be kicked for this.. but give me Lay please
shikamaru 3 days ago
jeon wonwoo please.
diabolus 3 days ago
so why was i kicked LMFAO
selenephilia 3 days ago
uhhh what happened to my charas-
tinytaeng 3 days ago
yo this layout looks sick af
rascal 3 days ago
minatozaki sana pls
sankissed [A] 3 days ago
[ checked! ✨ ]
– please favorite the roleplay before commenting your desired faceclaim.
– reservations last 24 hours
hephaestus 3 days ago
lee minhyuk for me please
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