Γ p e r i w i n k l e ⋮ join our chaotic family today! 〴 open and accepting!

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❛ periwinkle
❛ periwinkle
❛ periwinkle
established 12.january.2021
roleplay type — non-au, semi-crack
feature member — YOU?
feature date — 00.month.2020
periwinkle 一 home to the crackheads, the aesthetics, home to the simps and of course, home to the heartwarming. here in periwinkle, we aim to be chaotic, we aim to be friendly and of course, we aim to create new memories. 

events will be happening every other month - or whenever most of us are free so what are you waiting for? purchase your ticket into the town of chaos now! 
rule one :: favourite the roleplay before you comment! upvotes are optional but loved.
rule two :: we're only accepting 19+ asian celebrities, with the exception of idols that are deceased, married, problematic or have mentioned that they do not want to be roleplayed. please check the banned list or with an admin if you're unsure.
rule three :: we do not condone face/userchasing. we do not condone harassment, ualizing of minors or ooc drama.  once caught, you're given a strike. upon collecting 3 strikes, you will be asked to leave periwinkle. the safe word is lilac. once this word is said, the topic in the chat has to stop and be changed.
rule four :: please reach 50 points upon arrival. as for muses, you can get a maximum of 5 characters. second at an upvote, 3rd at a blog post and first two having 300 points each. 4th at first three having 500 points each and 5th at 600 points each. also, take note that you can only take 1 muse from a group that has 8 members or less, and only 2 muses from a group that has 9 members or more.
rule five :: there is a 1 week dating ban but move-in couples are welcomed and exempted! just let us know in your application.
rule six :: the ugly red sign will appear next to your name if you've been missing for 10 days. you'll be given  a warning and 24 hours to clear it. after that, you'll be kicked out for inactivity. the codeword is your aesthetic. 
rule seven :: if you need a hiatus, or you're leaving, or if there's an issue, please contact an admin immediately. character requests has to be made in the character requests room.
rule eight :: comment below with the full name as well as stage name of your desired face claim! reservations last for a solid 24 hours before it's opened up to the floor again.
full name :: put here
age :: here
group :: here
orientation :: here
timezone :: here
password :: here
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pickypicky 1 week ago
can I get park chaewon (gowon) pls? <3
baecob 1 week ago
may I reserve ju haknyeon, pls?
[comment deleted by owner]
maeflower 1 week ago
can I have shin ryujin please? :)
bloatedbatmandick 1 week ago
can i get Sana Minatozaki for second
itachi 1 week ago
help dhfjjd i accidentally left wonho ;;
capulet 1 week ago
jackson wang pls
rendezvous 1 week ago
give me kai ig
dirtylinks 1 week ago
kim chungha?
uuuwwwuuu 1 week ago
Boothang dragged me here
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