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— opened on:
a cold day in hell
— type of roleplay:
we like ghei bois.
— featured on:
the mouths of friends
— upcoming events:
oh sehun
main admin - founder
gmt -5
lee taemin
co admin - hr
GMT -6
park jimin
co admin - reception
gmt -5
Bang chan
Co admin
admin name
— about

being stuck out at see with a bunch of good looking boys? that just may be what gay dreams are made of. sink or swim, we'll be in it together -- and yes, this was inspired by the titanic. we're a chill space looking to be your safe haven on the open waters. where you can be as fabulous as you want to be with absolutely no judgement. if you're looking for a somewhat wholesome community filled with laughs and love, you've found it. everyone's welcome -- let's get lost out at sea together.

— ban
banned faceclaims

really only deceased, married, and or problematic faceclaims. 

banned users

a welcoming place for all. have a bad reputation? we still want you here.

— rules

please like before you request a faceclaim. if you want to upvote, feel free. if not, no problemo. we're chill. reservations last 24 hours.


you can have up to three characters. first must have 150 points before you request the second and the second must have 250 before you request the third. you can have more than one character in a group if the group has eight or more characters. we do welcome internationals.


inactivity for over seven days results in a warning and removal after 24 hours. we all have going on so just pm an admin if you need some space. if you reply just to break an inactive sign but remain inactive, you will still be removed. 


you can be naughty as much as you gotta be in r rated rooms but please keep it down in the main chats. we can't scare children. thank you. password : if you had to be stranded on a desert island, who or what is would you want to be stranded with?


no ooc drama, please. if you've got a qualm with someone, be an adult about it. disrespect is not okay in any form. 


there is no dating ban, and move-in couples are welcome.

— application
full name
insert here
insert here
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insert here


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34a33896054ef019f7d9 1 month ago
Is Hongjoong Open
YeolMun 1 month ago
AlrighT LemmE johnny agaiN
wikihow 1 month ago
clears throat

can i get Yoo Taeyang
yemise 1 month ago
hi hi, please add lee donghyuck, thanks! < 3
1497j_ 1 month ago
kangmin gonna leave ^^
Sugarly 1 month ago
oh, ew [A] 29 seconds ago Reply

i'm leaving bye
tinypoopie 1 month ago
dong sicheng pls
e0128413de668e253d97 1 month ago

BRING ME BACK FOOLS https://24.media.tumblr.com/2284ad34042da06b12b1bc21f0c51f88/tumblr_mwy2593T2n1qhbmivo1_500.gif
e0128413de668e253d97 1 month ago

INJUSTICE https://24.media.tumblr.com/2284ad34042da06b12b1bc21f0c51f88/tumblr_mwy2593T2n1qhbmivo1_500.gif
lavache 1 month ago
may i have jung subin reserved for me?
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