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the rp's storyline
background & history
It was year 1521. East Asia was peaceful, developing their lands and taking care of their own when the demons ascended onto earth. They were in search of new territory, greedy to claim everything they saw; what was not within their reach would soon be, as waves of demons continued to flood onto what once was vast greenery. Anything that the demons got their hands on were soon set aflamed, as the countries were set ablaze in mere seconds. What once was burned down to almost nothing.
Then, hope came in the form of angels, a miracle they arrived in the middle of the battlefield. Immediately, the angels sprung into action, fighting off the demons with much more ease than the humans' struggles. It was almost as if the humans' prayers have been answered but the angels had other things in mind. They weren't fighting and sacrificing themselves to help the humans. No, they couldn't care less about them— to the angels, the humans were lesser mortal beings, helpless under the prowess of supernatural beings. The angels fought for their sense of duty instead, and all they cared about was winning against the demons. Demons were angels' natural enemies, you see. 
War carried on for a century, the ownership of lands was constantly being passed back and forth between angels and demons— humans, the true owners (or occupants) of the lands, had no say in this. No diplomatic actions, no discussions, no compromise could be met. The humans were silenced, treated as pawns to the angels and demons. Even though they wanted to retaliate (and they did try, several vain attempts), they were quite literally powerless and eventually succumbed to the formidable forces of angels and demons. It was their best chance at survival, going against those entities will lead them straight to their death anyway. 
It was easy for the angels and demons to get humans to their side. The demons brainwashed the royal family, telling them that if they obey their every command, they will be rewarded with anything they desire— abundance wealth, everlasting power, fame, anything they wish for. The demons fed into the royal's egos and greed, and managed to get the manpower and resources to aid in the war.
Angels were no better, urging humans to sacrifice themselves in the name of a selfless act. They rode on the waves of justice, courage, chivalry. "Do this for the greater good," they would tell humans. 
At the end of the century, the angels and demons realised their powers had started to weaken and war soon drew to a tie. With their powers drained, the angels and demons were unable to summon themselves back to their own realm and were stuck on earth. 
They knew having their existence exposed to the rest of the world would pose as a threat to them— they weren't as strong now, no power to wield, and humans will most likely take them hostage for their own experiments and research. Thus, with the last ounce of power the angels and demons had, they controlled the minds of the royals and got them to close up East Asia to the rest of the world. Nobody would be able to enter East Asia. The angel and demons also went as far as to threaten everyone not to get the word of their existence out. 
History was rewritten with lies printed onto textbooks. Everyone was taught that angels and demons were only myths, and that the war which took place in 1521 was a civil war. People were taught that if they were to spread any information regarding East Asia's beliefs in angels and demons, bad things such as a curse will fall upon them and their families, future descents included. The mention of angels and demons were basically taboo and was only brought up in the presence of close ones, in fear someone would overhear them. 
Angels and demons begrudgingly decide to live in harmony with humans, taking on jobs and getting their education like every other person. However, they have developed a shared database where all humans, once turned 18 years old, will be recorded in to show if they are of low or high threat to society. [Low threat means morally good. High threat means morally bad.] On the downlow, some angels and demons use this system to get humans to their side.
Royals are aware of such a system but no matter how much they try hacking into it, they simply couldn't get their hands on the data. Hence, they developed their own manual records and every citizen (angels and demons included) is closely watched by the high authorities. 
5 centuries later, in the year 2021 where we are now, it seems safe to say that there wouldn't be another attack where humans were at the mercy of angels and demons. Now, the angels and demons have evolved and naturally take the form of humans— everyone looks alike (nobody with horns, or a halo, or wings) and the belief in the existence of angels and demons diminished bit by bit each year. The royals made sure that word about these supernatural beings don't get spread too far anyway. Most of the citizens are at ease as everyone goes about their daily lives; angels, demons, humans, all mixed and interacting with one another, their identities unknown to each other.  
But is there truly any peace when there's a difference in races, long-term fear instilled within the community, a possibility that the angels and demons could regain their powers and once more start war on earth? Seoul appears to be just another city, the same as every other but is it really when there's two cores hidden in the country that nobody knows of? 2 cores that could bring forth the downfall of humans once and for all. 2 cores that might not be a threat should angels and demons decide that it is perfectly fine to live with humans. 
Can we really trust each other when we've already began the vicious cycle of deceit at the point of our birth? It is up to each individual to decide the fate, as the competition to be the dominating race ensues. 
*please refer to 'lore' under the information folder to understand what humans have been told by ancestors, friends, online theories, etc. lore is different from the history (100% factual) and textbooks (a cover up by the authorities). 
please read carefully
general rules
one Favourite and upvote the roleplay. Upvoting is mandatory to filter out the new accounts as we will only be accepting accounts of at least (4) months old. If you are a returning/older user who is using a new account, please pm your old handle to one of the admins. We reserve the rights to reject [and block] your application should you be a problematic user.
two This is an OC rp which is set in Seoul, S.Korea. Although the rp's premise is set in Seoul, we will not be following the actual history and government of the Seoul we all know. This is a fictitious setting.

Additionally, 1 OOC week = 2 IC weeks to facilitate more threads possibility. However, time may be slowed down or sped up when we hold events. We will indicate so in our announcement. *For clarity, it's good to include the ic date of your thread when writing. 
three IC drama is allowed but do get all involved parties' consent before proceeding. If your thread's content is heavy and contain sensitive topics, do include a trigger warning [tw] before posting. Avoid bubble roleplaying and try to interact with as many characters as you could.
Sensitive topics are such as suicide, drug usage, assault, anything ual, abuse, etc.
four Important disclaimer: we are NOT a rp. Mature content is fine but this rp is not centralised. Just because there's the aspect of demons in this city!au does not mean we focus on sinning. However, we do take inspiration of the 7 sins and how individuals could do the morally wrong things. 
five Please be respectful and mindful of the topics in our chatrooms. Jokes are fine but ual and sensitive topics should only be posted in the rooms that are rated. Otherwise, keep it on your walls or in your pms. 
six Strictly no OOC drama in this rp. Resolve your personal issues outside of this place. We will not tolerate any form of bashing or bullying and when found out, you will be kicked, character deleted, and blacklisted. Please refrain from talking or discussing about other roleplays as well. If there's any issues, raise it to the admins and we will resolve it asap.  
seven All orientations allowed. No dating or marriage ban. Pregnancy is allowed but do get consent from the respective parties and update your character's child[ren] in the 'kiddies' room. For more information of how pregnancy works here, please visit the 'kiddies' room. However, we do not allow m/fpreg. 
eight When leaving the rp, please pm an admin. We will deactivate your character thereafter but do note that the deactivated list will be cleared biweekly. Those who leave without informing an admin or informed via the comments section will have their character[s] deleted and the user will be blacklisted.
activity rules
one Upon your acceptance, please read your welcome tag and respond accordingly. There will be a fair bit of information within the tag. Failure to do so will result in getting your character deleted without notice.
two It is compulsory for each character to have (1) thread up with at least 2 posts from yourself (7) days after your application has been accepted. SNS threads do not count. Please also have a dp and basic profile up within the week of your acceptance. You may write your basic profile in bullet points as long as there is sufficient information for others to connect and plot with your character. Should these requirements be unmet, your character will be deleted without notice. PM an admin if you need an extension. 

In regards to rules 1 and 2, you would have to wait 72 hours before you can re-apply if your character has been deleted due to failure to complete our activity requirements. 
three Inactivity is set to (9) days. We will send (1) alert and you are required to get rid of the sign within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in having your character deactivated. You will need to wait 48 hours before you could reapply for your character. 
four We will conduct monthly activity checks. As of now, the activity check room is closed and we'll come up with reasonable requirements depending on everyone's activity.  
five Hiatus capped at 3 weeks. Semi-hiatus capped at 4 weeks. There will be a ban thereafter to prevent character hogging. More information could be found in the hiatus room. Do also request for one in that room; requests in the comments section will be ignored.
faceclaim rules
one Only faceclaims of east asian descent who are at least (19) years old [international age] allowed. Strictly no minors. Since this is an OC rp, you will need to think of a name for your faceclaim; please ensure the given name is culturally and ethically appropriate. ie korean name for a korean fc. You are allowed to age up/down your fc by (5) years.

Controversial faceclaims, married and has mentioned that they do not wish to be rp-ed are not allowed. 
two Check the 'fc directory' room before commenting for your muse to check which faceclaims have been taken. We do not have a wishlist to prevent facechasing so if you are having trouble picking a muse, please come up with a few faceclaims and the admins will help with your choices. 
three There will be no character limits as long as you are able to meet the activity requirements but for your first (3) characters, they each have to be from different races [1 angel, 1 demon, 1 human].
For each additional character you wish to grab, you must post a blog advertisement, have at least (60) points, and have (2) ongoing threads with at least 4 replies from yourself; sns threads excluded.
***ongoing thread would mean the last post is maximum a week old. 
four We will maintain, as far as possible, a ratio where there could only be 1 angel and 1 demon for every 2 humans in the rp. This is to prevent having too many angels or demons hence, if we find that the race you wish to apply for is at its capacity, we would inform you to switch. 
five You may refer to our 'cbn & skeletons' room if you need some character building notes or are unsure whether your character's background is fitting for the rp. Should there be further clarifications needed, feel free to ask in our comments!
six To cc, please head to the 'cc request' room to find out more. CC requests that are dropped in the comments section will be ignored. If you would like to change your race [ie human to angel], please also head to the 'cc request' room but do take note that admins might reject your request to change your character's race if the ratios are unbalanced.
before you join
additional points to note
Do ensure you've read all the rules before commenting for your character. Reminder to favourite and upvote first. Comment with the details below to reserve your muse; we will ignore your comment if it is not done properly. Reservations last 24 hours. 
Additionally, please remember read through the rooms under the 'information' tab in order to get a better understanding of the rp's premises and to build a character that fits the rp.
fc's name and group
oC's name
oc's race
skeleton claimed (leave this out if it's n/a to you)
application form
please fill up all fields
faceclaim's name + group
jung jaehyun + nct
faceclaim's birth year
oc's name
han siwoo
oc's birth year
oc's race + role
human + citizen
oc's occupation
(angels/demons only) power
choose 1 or none
low/high threat
short background
3-5 lines will do
summarise any 2 rules from each section
featured m.
name here
featured f.
name here


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