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— once upon a time

Since a long time ago, humans have feared those that were born with an aptitude for magic. They believed that it was a curse of the devil. If these youth were caught, no matter their age, they would be chased out from their homes; their families would turn their backs against them, and they would be burnt at the stake.

Despair bloomed in every single witches' and wizards’ chest as they wondered if they would still be alive tomorrow. But hope came when the feeling of desperation set in.

At the frontline of this group of youth was a man who vowed to provide a safe home for those running, hiding, or just had nowhere to go. The man who brought a castle to the sky and led them was known as Pendray.

— about

Pendray is a build your fantasy roleplay where your character learns magic at their own pace. Walk in with your own kind of magic affinity and become a master at it by creating new spells with other characters. Are you interested in creating potions or discovering essential herbs and fungi, as well as magical creatures? Pendray is the right place for you as we encourage you to help with world-building. We also prepared archives which you can easily use to document these inventions and findings!


You can also add new rooms in the castle’s corridors and we will not question why there is a plant monster in them or why you’re keeping ghosts in the dungeon. The castle also has its own grounds where you can tend to magical creatures in the forest or grow plants in the greenhouses. As the castle moves, we will be making a stop from town to town. You can head down and explore new places, go on a date or bring back unique trinkets. There is more than one can see. Write the stories of the castle with other characters, enjoy the events and let’s make a story of our own.


Check our rules for a more condensed explanation.

— update

We’re currently working on a mini revamp and updating the roleplay. However, we are still open and accepting. Comment if you require assistance or have any questions.

— primary rules

Favoriting and upvoting are required to reserve a character. Your account must also be at least two (2) months old. If you apply with a secondary account, PM the head admin with your username and upvote from that account. Please take note: We have every right to reject your application due to past misbehavior.


This roleplay is a build your own fantasy. Your character is either a witch or a wizard. We encourage participants and discussions by roleplayers on the events they’d like to experience or new features they’d like to see. Besides that, the roleplay will have its own main storyline entangled with some events, which will progress to keep everyone engaged and brimming with new ideas and creativity. You don’t necessarily have to be a part of all the events. As long as you enjoy and participate in the events from time to time, you are welcomed in Pendray. Refer to our calendar to check any events lined up for this month.


We do not allow any face chasing, user chasing, bullying, shading, or OOC dramas. No bubble roleplaying. Be inclusive, respectful, and kind to others. To emphasize, please also respect the admins. We encourage you to keep any sort of outside issues to yourself in PM or outside of the roleplay. We will only jump in if you bring it into a communal space. Failure to comply with this rule, you’ll receive a warning. You will be removed from the roleplay if you commit it a second time.


Rated plots must be consensual and done in private rooms or rated areas. All rated/triggering threads must have an [M] or [TW] tag at the beginning of each post. threads are only allowed in private spaces, such as walls, PMs, and private rooms.


Move-in couples, pregnancies, and deaths are not allowed. There is a dating ban of fourteen (14) days to encourage socializing. However, we encourage pre-established connections between characters.

— activity rules

Certain rooms have their points setting disabled. Please check each room description. You must have a basic profile as well as a thread by the seventh (7) day. The thread must at least have one post each from the characters involved.


You must also contribute to one out of the five archives within seven (7) days of joining. Use the laboratory room underneath the archive tab to earn activity points while you brainstorm a spell, a potion, a plant or creature, and even a magical object. Treat the laboratory as an OOC room. Refer to the info room for more explanation. You may complete this requirement with one (1) other roleplayer. We will consider both to have met the requirement together.


Since this roleplay is self-paced, the inactivity appears twelve (12) days after your last post. You will receive only one warning before getting kicked out. Three inactive, you will be instantly removed. You may come back, but the next time you receive an inactive sign, you will be removed without warning.


Tag the admins through the hiatus room if you are unable to be active for some time. A full hiatus lasts for two (2) weeks, while a semi-hiatus lasts for three (3) weeks. If you intend to acquire an extension, make sure to update the admins. Please take note: If you intend on leaving, PM one of the admins. Do not comment.

— character rules

We welcome all nationalities and orientations. We will not accept youtubers, ulzzangs, cosplayers, Instagram models, adult video actors, the deceased, anyone who has stated that they do not wish to be roleplayed, anyone involved with a crime, and those who have left the entertainment industry. Married idols are allowed as this is an AURP.


The faceclaim of your choice must be internationally 19 years old and older, OOC and IC. You are permitted to tweak their age by five (5) years +/-. What you are looking for: Summarize one rule from each section (one from primary, one from activity, and one from character).


We would like to repeat that your character must be either a witch or a wizard. We do not allow any adult roles in the roleplay. Every character is responsible for tending to the castle. We also do not allow any hybrids, i.e., werewolves or half vampires. However, as a witch or a wizard, you can have your own magic affinity, i.e., Chanyeol’s affinity is space manipulation; however that does not mean he can only use space manipulation magic. He can still use magic for other types of magic, but they are weak compared to those with that specific affinity.


You are allowed to claim three characters in the roleplay. To unlock the second character, you must upvote, post a blog and have at least 150 points on your current character. The exact requirements are applied for the third character; however, instead of 150 points, you need to have at least 500 points on both existing accounts.

— application
faceclaim name
park chanyeol
faceclaim ooc birthdate
27 nov 1992
faceclaim ic age
character affinity
space manipulation
writing style
third pov
check rules


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boothang 3 days ago
wait nvm yes kang seulgi from red velvet for me djdb
stationary [A] 3 days ago
✧ ᴏᴘᴇɴ ᴀɴᴅ ᴀᴄᴄᴇᴘᴛɪɴɢ ; ʀᴇᴠᴀᴍᴘ ᴘᴇɴᴅɪɴɢ!

⇢ please read the rules first. comment with your faceclaim name + group/solo
⇢ a revamp is coming our way and the roleplay is being updated!
YeolMun 3 days ago
byun baekhyun for me again pls sksdkd
venteux 4 days ago
oh sehun or should i be a girl to even things out a little lmao
primavera 5 days ago
h hello >///< I caved
but I have a few questions ehe
taebird 6 days ago
wait icry bubs im so sorry TTTT i got rly busy and couldn't apply hngg but im gonna be free starting next week so what better way to ask if i could reserve again ><
choi yeonjun + txt juseyo ;;; again so sorry for not applying last time !
vanitas 1 week ago
alright, i have decided
— » joshua hong°
— » seventeen°
ghoost 2 weeks ago
drop my support dis inch resting *__*
asueki 2 weeks ago
lee joowon pls!
Nyx_Dragneel 2 weeks ago
I will certainly favourite and join when I have more time. Sadly I am about to start a course and cant commit until I finish so I will keep it in mind :)
I only rp as women so hopefully you'll still be needing females when I am free again :)
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