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Our you in search of a soft non au that makes you feel at home. where you can come crash when things are to stressful outside of rpr? where you can simp without feeling as though people are eyeing your every move. than you have found your comfort zone,Welcome to the home of the cuddle buddies, This place is intened on being a place where simps are welcomed from all over the world and through any orientations. calling all my soft cuddly bunnies and rabbits. welcome to simpnation my furry beings. 
1.before applying please favorite the rp. Upvoting is not mandatory.
2.Fc must be 19+ to ensure that we are not ualizing minors.
3. ooc drama will not be tolerated, you have one warning before you are removed without any hesitation.
4.to ensure that everyone feels at home, bubble roleplaying, face chasing, or any clique activity will not be tolerated as well, you have two warnings before you are removed.
5. pw: name your current favorite song. up to five characters our allowed as long as they are from different groups. first two are free. third is an upvote plus 300 pts from each chara. fourth is a blog post. and the fifth one is given as long as you are active on each chara.
6.to ensure activity please reach 100 points in the time span of 4 days.
7. the inactivity sign pops up after 7 days, you will receive a warning and if you dont respond in less than 24 hours, you will be kicked from HttCB.
8. dating ban of 5 days. move in couples are allowed please add that into your application. mature content should be kept in rooms marked with M or your walls or pm.
9. if leaving or taking an hiatus, please inform an admin. failure to do so will place you on a blacklist. 
10. enjoy your stay <3 
fc name: Ex: Kim jennie
fc birthday: January 16th, 1996
orientation: hetero
timezone: gmt-5
pass:look in rules


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pinkcrayon 2 weeks ago
kim namjoon pls
moonflower 2 weeks ago
han jisung pls :>
saltedcaratmel 2 weeks ago
kang yeosang please c:
mybunny24 2 weeks ago
Yoo Kihyun please
vkzq9x8c 2 weeks ago
lee minho/lee know please
jerapah 2 weeks ago
Hello, can I get Johnny Suh?
diabolus 2 weeks ago
jung jaehyun plz
prazyfreyz 2 weeks ago
park kyungri pls
minalinsky 2 weeks ago
sana minatozaki onegai
banana_ 2 weeks ago
nyoom nyoom~

can i reserve as kang seulgi~
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