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what's your purrsona?
roleplay description
Everyone is born with an animal counterpart, sleeping within you, only coming out in times of extreme danger to protect you until is your time to present. Some boys present earlier, some much later but the vast majority presents in their coming of age at 19 with their first rut or heat that reveals your rank. It might be at that time or over time when your inner animal finally communicates with you, letting you use their abilities and shift when wanted. so, what life prepared for you?
rules and regulations
001. Favorite is a must but upvote is optional, but really welcomed ❤️
002. This is a hybrid, abo semi au. which means everyone are idols here but hybrid of any animals of your choice and abo. Also, this is only, sorry ladies. If being hybrid isn't your thing, you can opt for staying human and never take use of the animal part.
003. All faceclaims and roleplayers must be 19+ as there will be a lot of around with the nature of abo. You can have up to four characters but everyone must be from different groups. you can get a second one when your first hits 500pts, third with a blog and fourth when all your characters total an amount of 2kpts. You can't have more than two characters from the same rank.
004. There's a dating ban of a week, marriage after a month of dating. Mpreg is of course allowed but be mindful that not everyone is comfortable with it but adopting is always an option too! not surprise pregnancies, though. both parties must tag an admin to let them know. please do not facechase or jump on the first person you see, try talking to everyone. anyone I see facechasing will receive a warning.
005. Comment full name for your desired faceclaims, reservations last for 48 hours. If hiatus or leaving, please pm an admin. Do not comment or it'll be deleted
006. Inactive sign appears after a week, you only get one warning the first time. second time you get kicked out without warning but you're always welcomed back!
007. I highly encourage creativity. even though this is abo, there could be bottom alphas and top omegas, don't stick to the norm and go wild! if you notice in the rules page with the info I left for ranks, things vary cause I really wanna see what you guys come up with uwu
008. Even with the nature of ABO, this is not a rp. please keep all the talk and jokes out of the main chat as it makes some people uncomfortable, anyone I see will be escorted to the rated chat with a warning. three warnings and you're banned from the rp. Password is: what's your favorite animal?
event name
writing goes here, although this text box is not scrollable. so, keep it short and sweet! hee yaw, yah hee, hee yaw, yah hee!
event name
writing goes here, although this text box is not scrollable. so, keep it short and sweet! hee yaw, yah hee, hee yaw, yah hee!
event name
writing goes here, although this text box is not scrollable. so, keep it short and sweet! hee yaw, yah hee, hee yaw, yah hee!
write here
write here
write here
write here
write here
playing: song name/artist


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mybunny24 5 days ago
Can I take park jimin?
mybunny24 5 days ago
Can I get Jung Wooyoung
strawbebi_07 1 week ago
can i have all my characters' (seokjin, jaeyoon, yutaro) room notifs turned off pls? thanks.
DreamlessMaiden 1 week ago
what does it mean by semi au?
broski 1 week ago

Ive come to claim a 3rd pls <3
-pickles 1 week ago
Lemme a&r Min Yoongi please
MinkiMouse [A] 1 week ago
Oooh look at that shiny star~!
hoesome 1 week ago

can i have lee juyeon for my third pls <3
teacuptentacles 1 week ago
Congratulations on the feature
Tinyredrose 1 week ago
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