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Mystiq Institute。

Mystiq Institute。

Mystiq Institute。

About the Roleplay

Set in the fictional town of Lunaria, New York, Mystiq Institute is a modern fantasy school au that allows you to attend the best interspecies educational institute in this dimension and the nest while also exploring other aspects Lunaria. Once they reach school age or first show their powers, they receive a letter and a coin. This coin allows them to see beyond the glamour in Lunaria, and once attending the school would be swapped for a school ID. Should they choose to not attend, however, the letter and coin would disappear once the term starts and the receiver would forget ever getting it in the first place.

So come swap your coin, join your faction family and attend classes. Compete against your friends and make rivals. But beware, sinister plots stir in the background and you'll never know when the sky will crack open. Or perhaps you're simply a traveler passing by needing a place to rest before continuing your journey. Was that a person with wings or just a trick of the light? Either way, no matter who, or what, you are, your day is sure to never be dull.

How to Join

01: Make sure you've favorited the roleplay, your reservation will not be accepted otherwise.

02: Check the taken muses list to make sure your desired faceclaim isn't taken. Then comment with the faceclaims full name and their group or occupation. If you need help deciding be sure to check our wishlist. Reservations last 72 hours.

03: Read all the rules here and Follow the application properly and fully. If you have any questions check the faq. If your question is not there ask an admin, we'll be happy to help you! You will have 2 chances to fix your application before it will be automatically rejected and the reservation cleared. You may try again with another muse or have to wait 3 days before trying again with the same muse.

04: If your character is NOT human or and/or does not follow human biology, you MUST put their real age and physical age. For example, Aurora's real age is 869 but her physical age is 24. Be realistic for your character and species. Very limited exceptions may be made at admins' discretion. You are allowed to age up or down your characters physical age a max of 5 years as long as it doesn't go under 18.

05: There are currently ONLY FIVE(5) outsiders allowed. As this is a tentative allowance and a trial, this may no longer be available and an outsider will have to choose another species should that happen. Outsiders are ALWAYS human but with no trace of mythical energy. This means they have no powers or weaknesses, and they are not students or staff. Check the faq for more information.

06: All students must have their PHYSICAL AGE be between 18-24. Staff physical age starts at 25. Real age can be any number. Refer to the previous age example in 04. Most staff (including teachers) would have been former students. Refer to the FAQ for more information.

07: Once accepted, you must have a dp within 24 hours. You will have 1 week to have a basic profile (You do not need to have a layout) and at least 1 thread with 2 replies from yourself. Failure to do so within the time period will result in removal for inactivity. Extensions may be granted at admins' discretion.


Character Name:

Date of Birth:


Species or Outsider: check species list


Powers: Limit 4

Weaknesses: Min 2, Max 4

Student, Teacher, or Staff:

Job/Class: Staff only

Classes: Students only. check classes list

Electives: Students only. check electives list

Bio: 3-5 sentences. bullet points do not count

Timezone: GMT format only

Password: check rules

width must be 220; height can be 130 or higher

ut pro omnibus in nomine deorum, qui defendat nos

we fight for all in the name of the gods who protect us

width must be 200; height can be 290 or higher

admin team

Aurora Haiz

main admin


Trent Murdock



Enzo Calhoun



character name



character name


width must be 250; height can be 160 or higher


Opened on

June 07, 2021



Fantasy & sci-fi school au



open & accepting


member count

32 members




Taken Muses

  • reserved (72 hours)  Taken



Kim Hongjoong, Jung Wooyoung, Choi San, Kang Yeosang, Park Seonghwa, Song Mingi


Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol




Johnny Suh


Yang Hongseok


Lee Taemin


Cho Seungyoun




Lee Juyeon


Do Hanse



Park Chaeyoung


Kim Minji, Lee Siyeon


Stefani Germanotta


Shin Ryujin


Kim Jiyeon


Ahn Hyejin


Bae Joohyun


Kim Hyuna


Myoui Mina

models, Ulzzangs & actors


Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Lee Dongwook


KAT GRAHAM, Phoebe Tonkin, KATHERINE MCNAMARA, victoria pedretti

Total: 32

Females: 14

Males: 18

Students: 18

Teachers: 09

Staff: 05


featured members

featured male

name here

width must be 155 but height can be 76 or more

featured female

name here

width must be 155 but height can be 76 or more


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babyqueen [A] 18 hours ago
⌜ ʀᴇsᴇʀᴠɪɴɢ ⌟
» check the taken muses list to see who is taken
» comment your desired muse's full name + group/occupation
» reservations last 72 hours

⌜ sᴛᴀᴛɪsᴛɪᴄs ⌟
read the information rooms thoroughly. keep the stats, especially for factions, as even as possible.
» students: 18
» teachers: 09
» staff: 05

» fysi: 04
» chronos: 04
» exousia: 04
» esprit: 06

⌜ ɪᴍᴘᴏʀᴛᴀɴᴛ ⌟
» only TWO Bellator representatives per faction. check the student directory.
» currently NOT accepting esprit faction students.
minior 2 days ago
can i get victoria pedretti, a fysi hybrid demon/dragon
yunjaeisrealaktf 3 days ago
Could you add and reserve Lee Dongwook for me please?^^
TaeKook 4 days ago
Can I get song mingi please
sarangayo 4 days ago
Can you reserve Park Chanyeol please.
[comment deleted by owner]
ashflower 1 week ago
May I reserve Park Seonghwa from Ateez please?
[comment deleted by owner]
parksungjin 1 week ago
can i reserve park sungjin and seo changbin, please?
raynereign 1 week ago
May I have Hongseok from pentagon please?
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