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⋇ (浮世) ukiyo
⋇ (浮世) ukiyo
established 2021 • created by wonholic + jayeus
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city au roleplay
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1st + 3rd welcomed
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new, opening & accepting
samuari japanese lofi
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kim jisoo
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about us
section one • updated 06.28.2021
We all differ from one another, thriving through life differently. For some, it may be easier to live. For others, it may go as far as to hanging onto the thinnest strand of hope left. 

Whatever it may be, don't let it stop you from living your life to the fullest, to reach for your dreams, to learn from your mistakes and to make your own decisions. Don't be afraid to live in the moment and be who you truly are, because here at Ukiyo is the best place for that, a place to call home. 
ukiyo (浮世) . 
[ u-key-yo ]
living in the moment, detached from the troubles of life.
So what's keeping you from waiting? Come join us in Ukiyo, a city meant to escape from your problems and the reality of life. 

Disclaimer: The roleplay is tended to encourage artisitc development of character backgrounds and identities. Be sure to incorporate these ideas into your character's background.
section two • updated 06.28.2021
general rules
favoriting and upvoting is mandatory before reserving a character. otherwise, your application will not be accepted. this helps the admins keep track of all users in the roleplay. we will only be accepting accounts that are three (3) months or older. if you are applying from another account, private message the head admin with your username and upvote from that account.

note: we have the right to reject your application if not completed properly. we also have the right to reject your application if you are a problematic user.  
reservations last 48 hours. you may ask for an extension of one day only. check the masterlist (under the room faceclaim) before reserving your desired muse of nineteen (19) years or older. we will not be accepting any minors.  
out of character drama, harassing, bashing users, facechasing, godmodding, etc., will not be tolerated as it is strictly prohibited. failure to follow this rule will result in one warning. however, if another warning occurs, you will be completely removed from the roleplay without notice, including being an addition to our blacklist. you will not be allowed to join again. 

note: if there are any concerns, reach out to an admin asap and we will do our best to help you.  
rated plots must be consenual before proceeding to roleplay in private or rated rooms. rated/triggering threads or plots must include a warning in the beginning of the thread before proceeding to post.  
there is a dating ban of fourteen days (2 weeks). get to know each other before smoochin. move-in couples, pregnancy, and deaths are not allowed. 
activity rules
within the first fourteen (14) days of joining, you must reach the minimum of 50+ points and set up a basic profile. failure to reach the requirements will result in a 24 hour notice through pm's before being automatically removed. points can be easily achieved through chatrooms under social media. however, if you have an issue earning points, please simply talk to the head admin and a solution may be settled. 
inactivity is set to seven days. for the first and second inactivity, you will receive a 24 hour warning from an admin. failure to remove the inactive sign will result in being kicked. however, if it occurs the third time, you will be automatically removed from the roleplay without a warning. if you wish to join again, you will have to wait for 48 hours on the greylist as you are responsible for keeping your character(s) active. 
activity checks will occur once per month. there will be events held for 1-2 weeks (depending on the circumstances). on the following week of the event, you will send your required number of threads to the admins to ensure that you are participating and active. also, you may not ask for a hiatus during the week of activity check unless there is a case of emergency.
a semi-hiatus lasts up to two (2) weeks + activity. a hiatus will last up to three (3) weeks. if you are on hiatus, you are not obligated to join ongoing events and activity check. once you return, you will not be allowed to ask for a hiatus for another week. do not comment in the comment section for a hiatus. your comment will be deleted and ignored. for more information on hiatus, please check the hiatus room. 
use the rooms. if there's a room you need, please go to the request room and one of the admins will add it for you. do not pm an admin for a room. your message will be ignored. remember to keep rated content in rated rooms, walls or pms. for triggering and rated plots, please refer to rule four (4) under general rules. 
if leaving, please specifically pm the head admin. therefore, your character(s) will be deactivated. deactivated characters that have not been touched for a month will be permanetly deleted off of our list. 
character rules
all orientations and nationalities are welcomed. however, with the exception of the deceased, problematic faceclaims, married, inactive ulzzangs and those who have asked to not be roleplayed.   
you may have up to five (5) characters.
the first two characters are free. to claim for your third, you must have 100+ points per character. to claim for your fourth, you must have 100+ and two (2) threads per chara. lastly to claim for your fifth, you must have 100+, three (3) threads per chara and post a blog (attach the link of your advertisement). 
all faceclaims must be from different groups (ex. bts jungkook, exo kai, blackpink jisoo, twice sana, red velvet seulgi). to change your character, check the cc request for more information. do not pm an admin or comment in the comment section to cc or your request will be ignored.  
to encourage the creativity of our writers, you are allowed to give your faceclaim an ic name and tweak their age by three (3) years compared to their ooc age. 
ex. ooc = kim jisoo, 25 
ic = sofia buvelle, 23  
your background does not necessarily need a whole paragraph. a few bullet points and brief details of your character is completely fine. do keep in mind, you have a week to set up your profile. 
section three • updated 06.28.2021
out of character
faceclaim's oc name 
kim jisoo
oc age  
gmt -8 pst
writing style 
detailed 3rd
summarize one rule from "activity"
in character
faceclaim's ic name 
sofia buvelle
ic age
3-5 bullet points


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avocados 4 days ago
a&r Yang Hyeji please?
LadyofGalifrey 4 days ago
a&r kwon boa please
cloudrecesses 5 days ago
a&r han sohee please
wonholic [A] 5 days ago
★ important!
— although the rules may be lengthy, please read each of them carefully.
— check our faceclaim room before reserving your desired muse.
— favorite & upvote before applying!

★ other!
— reservations last for 48 hours.
— we need more female muses!

★ featured!
— thank you for the feature!
— 07182021
peekaboo 1 week ago
hey hey, a&r ethan cutkosky, please?
yunjaeisrealaktf 1 week ago
a&r actor Lee Sejin for me please?^^
wonholic [A] 1 week ago
★ reserving in comments
— as of now, we cannot add any characters onto our masterlist since rpr is still currently under co. however, if you'd like to wait until we can, please comment "a&r (your desired muse)."

★ the basics
― favorite & upvote before applying!
― reservations last for 48 hours.
― although the rules may be lengthy, please read through each of them carefully.

★ other
— we need more females!

★ reservation (waiting list)
— kim doyeon (vanillanicotine)
— lee dongmin (bubbletea)
— lee gikwang (prompto)
— serena motola (alterity)
— lapassalan jiravechsoontronkul (berrybelly)
— kim chungha (dirtylinks)
— hwang hyunjin (delilah - greylist (48 hours))
delilah 1 week ago
sorry for the sudden failure to reach pts due to hectic sched! q u q
can you keep hyunjin reserved back until 16th? i will try to be active by then.
dirtylinks 1 week ago
can i get kim chungha?
Berrybelly 1 week ago
Can I get Lapassalan Jiravechsoontronkul as my 2nd chara?
For her name, please help to put Mild only
Thank you
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