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about us

Years ago, humans were always treated as second-class citizens of Luxarmas by the supernaturals and other outworldly creatures that lived there. They faced harsh treatments and were often belittled and looked down upon. Quickly, a war broke out which lasted around a decade, tiring out both parties. This angered the gods of this land and a final decision was made.


tHIS WAS WHEN THE CONCEPT OF FAMILIARS AND SUMMONERS CAME FROM. tHE GODS WANTED TO RETURN SOME POWER TO THE HUMANS WHILE ALSO KEEPING THE SUPERNATURALS AND CREATURES HAPPY. hOWEVER, IN ORDER TO PUNISH THE ONES WHO WERE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE WAR, The creatures who fought against humans were sold off to become familiars. those who sided with the humans were given a special token that granted their freedom and was allowed to pick whether or not they want to bind with humans. oN THE OTHER HAND, ANY HUMANS/POWERLESS HYBRIDS WHO COME INTO THIS LAND WERE GRANTED THE ABILITY TO SUMMON AND BORROW POWERS FROM THE OTHER party.


When creatures/supernatural beings bind with humans/human mixes, the humans may harness a single skill that's possessed by the familiars. These skills may be, but is not limited to, ones that deal damage, teleportation, defying the laws of the universe, or healing.

disclaimer: this idea does not belong to me and is inspired by many different rps and concepts.

our guidelines

Rule 01: Favorite THE RP. Reservations last for 48 hours. UPVOTING WOULD BE NICE

Rule 02: Absolutely no bubble rping/face chasing/user chasing allowed


Rule 04: One liners are not allowed in the rp areas except for chat

Rule 05: Dating ban of two weeks, binding ban of one week(unless it's a purchase)

Rule 06: When talking in OOC, use brackets! Follow room rules!

Rule 07: Inactivity is set to 7 days. You CANNOT post on your own wall to break inactivity. If you are caught doing so, it will be automatically be a strike.

Rule 08: Second character is allowed after gaining 50pts, third is allowed after blog post. They must be from different groups unless they're a group that's 6+ members

Rule 09: Mpreg/triggering concepts are allowed but you MUST get permission from your partner to do so. Triggering concepts MUST be kept on walls ONLY. No killing off characters allowed.

Rule 10: Please message admins privately if issues come up.

Rule 11: Three strikes and you're kicked out, reentry prohibited for 73 hours. Three reentries and you're banned(only if the reentries are due to you being kicked out DUE TO INACTIVITY). Problematic users will also be banned/blacklisted.

Rule 12:  Summarize a rule of your choice from 9-11. 


Note about applying: Read the FAQ under the info section while you wait for approval of your application!
be aware that if your familiar is from luxarama and they sided against the humans, they must roll the dice in the familiar room. if they sided with humans or is from outside of luxarma, they are a free roaming familiar.

Full name:
familiar or summoner?:
occupation(optional. you can be jobless if you like.):
password is to follow rule 12.
short 3-5 sentence about your character:

width must be 220; height can be 130 or higher

Welcome to Luxarma, the land where a summoner's dreams come true. Come and meet the familiars that live here. Fall in love, find your spirits and create a team.

width must be 200; height can be 290 or higher

admin team

Lee jihoon

main admin


hwang hyunjin



character name



character name



character name


width must be 250; height can be 160 or higher


established on

july 4th, 2021


created by



genre of rp

fantasy au


member count

1 member


roleplay status

open, still under slight edits/construction


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Kaworu 1 week ago
can I have Beam (Boonyakorn Ratanaumnuayshai), please?
-BabyElf_Fan [A] 2 weeks ago
I've been looking for an rp like this! Thank you ;-;
Can you add Kim Taehyung please?

Also about the passward I'm a little confused? Do I write 2-3 lines about my character for it?
Tinyredrose 2 weeks ago
*lecoughs* ouo I am back eue saw changes ♡ do you need more summoners or familiars o3o??
TaeKook 2 weeks ago
Song Mingi please
hoesome 2 weeks ago
can i have kim yongseung please, love? <3
wikihow 2 weeks ago
can i get Kim Youngkyun
JongtaefreAk 2 weeks ago
Tempted !
self-love 2 weeks ago
Could I have Park Jimin please
strawbebi_07 2 weeks ago
jeon jungkook pls
[comment deleted by owner]
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