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I don't know why you hide from the one
And close your eyes to the one
mess up and lie to the one that you love

When you know you can cry to the one
Always confide in the one
you can be kind to the one that you love


"be kind" ~ halsey

est. 19 September 2021
25/8 chaos and love
one warm family
inclusive and friendly

About the rp

Welcome to Cosmic Gay 2.0; a place for all lovers to join and experience the spectrum of emotions while enjoying a range of personalities from our residents.

We are a fun group of enthusiasts who hang out, share events and build amazing bonds with one another. Everyone does their best to be inclusive and help those who are in need, whatever it may be.

A nonau roleplay, everyone is respectfully famous and in the public eye so if you wish to join, please remember your face claim is an idol/actor/model/etc.

Don't be shy to join us, just be sure to look at the rules below and follow the how-to section!

extra information

first event for CG2.0 has been decided! We are going to host a pokemon theme event, so look forward to that!

what's going on?

001: 13/sep/21 ~ we have opened to the public! welcome to the version 2.0 of the dear cosmic gays.
002: information
003: information
004: information
005: information

rules & guidelines

ONE please comment the full name of the idol you wish to reserve. We prefer the korean name over the english name unless specifically requested. at this stage, we do not accept internations, only idols/actors/models/ulzzangs of asian descent.

two please favourite the roleplay or you won't be accepted. please note, if you want a second character you will be required to upvote.

three all face claims and roleplayers must be 18+. we do not accept minors here, both ic and ooc.

four currently the character limit is three (3) per user. Second is gained with upvoting, third through blog advertisement and 300 points on their first two characters. There are events held with rewards to increase your limit past three, so if that interests you, please remember to participate in events.

five max of two (2) character changes per character. After this you will need to apply for the requested change as a whole new character.

six there is no dating ban, but please be aware we have rules regarding any mpreg so not to trap people into situations they don't won't. Also remember to be inclusive and minimise the tags in public rooms (exception to the rated chat room).

seven move in couples are allowed. Please put it on your application when applying so the couple list can be immediately updated.

eight inactivity is set to eight (8) days. It shouldn't be too much to ask that you're active at least once a week. you only get one (1) warning, after the warning if you fall inactive again, you will be removed. You can reapply if your face claim remains open.

nine some rooms have their own rules such as the few core chat rooms, please be mindful of them. Admins will do their best to monitor but if issues arise, please don't hesitate to speak to an admin with a screenshot of the problem as evidence. the p  as s w or  d is: Locus. We ask for a screenshot so we have full context of what's been happening. photos can be uploaded for free on imgur.com or tumblr.com and links supplied that way. We ask you do this via pm and not in a public space.

ten ic drama is allowed as long as it's been planned. again, if something makes you uncomfortable, see an admin with supplied screenshot for evidence so that we can do something about it.

eleven mpreg is allowed but for the list of rules regarding this subject, you will need to look at the babies&rules room.

twelve please have fun!


your soul may or may not be claimed by the roleplay deity.

How to Join & App

ONE fav the roleplay - upvote required if you want second character.

TWO comment the full name of your chosen face claim.

THREE wait for an admin to confirm, then apply and wait


name: ...

age: ...

group: ...

password: ...


did you find the password?




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Dustofspring 12 hours ago
Can I reserve Lee Jeno of NCT? Thank you
xxSpacedOutxx 2 days ago
Can I please have Han Jisung of Stray Kids? Thank you.
teacuptentacles 2 days ago
Hongbin + Seokjin have left.
It's not because I wasn't enjoying myself. I enjoyed being here, but with work and such lately.
I can't balance a lot of characters. Apologies. I wish this place the best of luck.
kaeya- 2 days ago
txt's choi yeonjun please!
deobixcch 3 days ago
txt taehyun please
Kristinachan 3 days ago
Hi can i have stray kids hyun jin please
arancello 1 week ago
tag/son youngtaek, please & thank you!
lachrymose 1 week ago
can i have beomgyu pls!
cabbagesoup 1 week ago
Can i get bjoo from topp dogg please :)
snakey 1 week ago
Can i get park sunghoon as my second?
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