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if you hug me tight and i close my eyes, i feel like you might comfort my world.

established: september 15th, 2021
type of roleplay: self-paced non/semi-au
featured on: november, 2021
total members: ?? (??m:??F)

fall in love


like the moon that shines in the blue sky, stay by my side forever. with this pleasant breeze, our own playlist, when we are together i love everything.

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head admin: lee siyeon
co-admin: n/a
co-admin: n/a

sunshine: all admin duties. 
bot name: purpose here. 

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until: date

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❝ comment the full name (and stage name, if applicable) of your desired faceclaim (only 19+ faceclaims are accepted). internationals and move-in couples are welcomed. the faceclaim limit is six (6). two (2) faceclaims may be from the same group if that group has seven (7) or more members. favoriting is mandatory prior to applying. reservations last one (1) day. ❞

  • note: the admin(s) reserve the right to decline an
    individual from joining, and that comment will be
  • banned faceclaims: those who are deceased,
    involved in scandals, are married, etc. please
    respect the wishes of those who do not want to be

❝ the usual rules: no 'out-of-character' drama, user/face-chasing, ualizing minors, etc. ❞

  • if issues do arise, please contact 'sunshine.'

❝ limit mature topics within the chat and keep on walls or in private rooms/messages. the safe word is: 'daybreak.' if this word is used, the current topic within the chat must be dropped. ❞

  • try to be inclusive of everyone, and maintain a
    welcoming environment.

❝ upon joining, please obtain 25 points within one (1) day. inactivity is set to seven (8) days. you will receive a single warning, with one (1) day to clear the inactive sign, before getting kicked. should you be inactive again, you will be kicked without warning, and your character will not be saved for you. however, you may return any time. private message 'sunshine' if you intend on leaving. ❞

  • failure to notify of departure will result in the
    possibility of you not being accepted back, should
    you desire to return.

❝ please utilize the 'requests' room for all hiatuses, face-claim related, and wall/room clearings or creation requests. ❞

  • 'sunshine' is used for all admin duties.




first faceclaim


no special requirement

second faceclaim


prior to requesting

third faceclaim

ad blog

provide link in request

fourth faceclaim

200 points

on all faceclaims

fifth faceclaim

500 points

on all faceclaims

sixth faceclaim

800 points + ad blog

on all faceclaims



» full name of faceclaim

e.g., lee siyeon.

» date of birth of faceclaim

e.g., october 1st, 1995.

» group/occupation

e.g., dreamcatcher.

» timezone

e.g., gmt-7/8.

» password

how many points do you need upon joining?






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siyawn [A] 2 weeks ago
❝ checked!
⤷ comment full and stage names, if applicable.
⤷ only 19+ faceclaims are accepted.
⤷ reservations last one (1) day.
shogun 2 weeks ago
park sooyoung please?
galazio 2 weeks ago
can I get kim jiwoo / chuu?
90a80ce26344c0e2f660 1 month ago

siyawn [A] 1 month ago
❝ revamped!
+ masterlist has been cleared, old characters have been or will be deleted.
+ happy holidays, and here's to a fresh start for the new year.
siyawn [A] 1 month ago
siyawn [A] 1 month ago
siyawn [A] 1 month ago
siyawn [A] 1 month ago
siyawn [A] 1 month ago
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