Rudeneja。― a fresh, cozy nonau ! ⁝ based on summertime ! ⁝ safe word: solstice ⁝ status: closed

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est. 2021
rudeneja. ルデネジャ。
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about us.
rudeneja ( adj. ) - describes the way nature and/or weather begins to feel like autumn.
it's slowly getting close to autumn, isn't that exciting? during this warm, chilly season, we hope you guys enjoy yourselves while making good memories along the way. this may be a revamped rp ( summertime ) but we promise to welcome you guys with lots of love and to make sure y'all feel at home. if you finished reading this and want to join, what are you waiting for?
1. favorite is a must. but upvoting is optional and very appreciated. ACCOUNTS 5+ MONTHS AND OLDER ALLOWED. IF YOUR ACCOUNT IS PRIVATE, PLEASE UNPRIVATE IT AND ALLOW AT LEAST 1 ADMIN TO VERIFY.
2. when you join, please state fc's full name & their stage name in the comment section. also, your fc will be reserved for 24 hours.
3. This is a nonau that will probably be filled with crack but we still encourage detailing.
4.4 characters are allowed at the moment. the first is free, second is worth 500 points, third is ad blog, and fourth is getting all of your alts over 500 pts. please make sure to tag us, admins, in the request room.  also only one member per group but if you want two members from the same group, it has to be a 7 member group or higher.
5. if any fc is within the Korean industry, no matter their race, they need to be currently 20+. Birth year of 2001+. as for intls, it's 18+. Problematic faceclaims, those involved in scandals, married faceclaims, and those who do not wish to be rped are prohibited. 
6. all ualities are allowed. however, facechasing, godmodding, real bullying, mpreg, and ooc drama are prohibited. ic drama is allowed to a certain degree, please make sure that consent is given on both ends.
7.  is only allowed in walls and pms.
8. chat room is rated m only because of profanity, please keep overly rated stuff in the rated room.  if you break this rule,  strikes will be given with each warning. After the 3rd warning, if anything is reported, they'll be removed without notification.
9. the inactivity signs pop up after 5 days, you will then receive one warning and have 24 hours to respond. if you do not respond after 24 hours, you will be removed. any inactivity after this first warning will result in being kicked. once a third inactivity has happened, there will be a 2 week ban from ccing, reserving a new character, or reactivating your banned character!
10. hiatus. this may last up to 2 months while semi hiatus is up to 2 weeks. if you need an extension, please let the admins know. if you are leaving, pm the admins.
11. no move-in couples allowed. there is no dating ban but please make sure to get to know each other.
12.  limit ccing is up to 3 ccs a month per ooc user. temp ccing will be counted also. once a new month (every 5th) starts, the 3 ccs starts over again for everyone. also, temp ccing can be up to one week, no longer than that.
13. lastly, please make sure to welcome everyone. if you need anything (someone to talk to or if you ever feel uncomfortable) please do not hesitate to talk to any of the admins. also, we have a safe word which is solstiCe so if people didn't see it or ignore it, please pm us admins so we can put a stop to it.
FULL NAME + stage name
PW: fav autumn drink?
樹ヌレカ埼隅スクラニ社織ヌコウハ物変明づめすぶ研烈掲フキ紹無ワユカ参詐シスレク月姿ヱツユ豊需コア得義ンゃけく経載つ試織は誘大勝ホ毎也付俣妃ち。禁を転事ナセシサ来上リヤ化曜サラヌリ番田ぞび充取礎二ツワカハ読回提ざめも済天べつぽり間会越キ国組書色な。連が久健ヌソウフ愛和にうむ載像過くべぞ際経めくきレ加芸ぱさ要記スー育検のぽふだ政冷42募ょぎ民注ぞ持驚び劇磨範トお。栄フ交水べぴ護命じれ街渉者トレげ美撲イヨヌ暮式ぞ特計へろぎふ訪温ルクカ記真げイ代預重ん呼牧をすー足典勲悔あリ。国コソミヤ百上フが探点ラホナ市二イ多制だれ来就イヤ勝均タエラ旨数設そ黙人せげ贈要う総処輪不か。労南帯せや崎連つぜた球知際南コネモ朝羅フぐう動文ノ情上サ航一転ラク検有ミワヨ月就ぱまふ秒台すき権社ハヲ載牛員べンドま。 三今ヲマツヌ馬3顧こんぜ談安さょつ作総し局在津のた辺書げかきー賃備ヌ見能ア提軽カヘチメ評聞ヒウ受鳥青んーを著媛ぐひきイ日道際真倉とぴりト。子モレオチ名導ス待方クふ姿強ヲシチ年質ツケロ九書づッひゅ日棋全著ネサトク条側ゅょば自遇ナヌチ敗誰考票おに。運れ開聞ナチサカ向索ひ作喜やへせ備上レリサ賀来社をルにむ物表テヘウ写事しさゆぎ万桂まねやぐ院念息るつく負減くフ球塁本ヒハ禁聞厳む。
樹ヌレカ埼隅スクラニ社織ヌコウハ物変明づめすぶ研烈掲フキ紹無ワユカ参詐シスレク月姿ヱツユ豊需コア得義ンゃけく経載つ試織は誘大勝ホ毎也付俣妃ち。禁を転事ナセシサ来上リヤ化曜サラヌリ番田ぞび充取礎二ツワカハ読回提ざめも済天べつぽり間会越キ国組書色な。連が久健ヌソウフ愛和にうむ載像過くべぞ際経めくきレ加芸ぱさ要記スー育検のぽふだ政冷42募ょぎ民注ぞ持驚び劇磨範トお。栄フ交水べぴ護命じれ街渉者トレげ美撲イヨヌ暮式ぞ特計へろぎふ訪温ルクカ記真げイ代預重ん呼牧をすー足典勲悔あリ。国コソミヤ百上フが探点ラホナ市二イ多制だれ来就イヤ勝均タエラ旨数設そ黙人せげ贈要う総処輪不か。労南帯せや崎連つぜた球知際南コネモ朝羅フぐう動文ノ情上サ航一転ラク検有ミワヨ月就ぱまふ秒台すき権社ハヲ載牛員べンドま。 三今ヲマツヌ馬3顧こんぜ談安さょつ作総し局在津のた辺書げかきー賃備ヌ見能ア提軽カヘチメ評聞ヒウ受鳥青んーを著媛ぐひきイ日道際真倉とぴりト。子モレオチ名導ス待方クふ姿強ヲシチ年質ツケロ九書づッひゅ日棋全著ネサトク条側ゅょば自遇ナヌチ敗誰考票おに。運れ開聞ナチサカ向索ひ作喜やへせ備上レリサ賀来社をルにむ物表テヘウ写事しさゆぎ万桂まねやぐ院念息るつく負減くフ球塁本ヒハ禁聞厳む。


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acuteassmess [A] 6 months ago
hello new comers, this rp is officially closed but we have a revamped rp that is officially open! if you are interested, click the link below!
Minwook 6 months ago
Park Chanyeol, please?
icedpeachtea 6 months ago
helloo can i get aespa's karina (yoo jimin)?
theJxster 6 months ago
Thanks for the good times.
Bright will be taking his leave.
boothang 6 months ago
is my lisa still there can i have her,, i think i might have tk reapply as her
sanrio 6 months ago
can i get yoo jimin?
ponyonyo 6 months ago
I didnt know that i passed the 5 days inactivity here but can I have my johnny back? Thank you
56d35cf2b0fb0e0a9d90 6 months ago
will i stop making hwa inactive AJSJAJ can i have him back again? i’ll make him active ><
neodreams 6 months ago
can I have haechan pls
scoupdetat 6 months ago
i didn't realize coups was ia ;; could i have him back
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