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inspired by the famous loveshot rp
freeverse roleplay
choi beomgyu / main admin
name here /    co-admin
my universe is a freeverse roleplay with changing main themes.

what is a freeverse rp?
a freeverse rp is a rp that allows participants to write in multiple and different aus with the same character. nonau is included.

what is a main theme?
the roleplay will feature a different au every one-two months that will serve as an event. it is optional and the themes are voted by the participants.

what povs&genres are allowed?
we allow all povs, writing styles and genres/aus. we encourage you to find people who have similar writing styles as you and enjoy rping together.

how does it work?
check out the plotting rooms, pick up available plots, post your own and start writing..

read the guide under basics 
 events - halloween events
always check event room and announcements.

 01.  favorite the rp upon joining.

 02. do not join with multiple accounts. if found on a second acc, you will be kicked right away. do not facechase and userchase.

 03 consider this a polyrp as each character is allowed to plot romance with multiple people in various aus. do not stick to rping with only one person, you can do that in pms.

 04.activity is set to 9 days. only two inactivity warnings will be given before removal from the roleplay. do not delete the warnings. we encourage you to rp in the rooms and not stick only to walls.

 05. only three characters per person. the first one is free, the second one costs 10 points, the third costs 30 points. prices might go up in future.

 06. you must be 18+ to join this rp and your faceclaims must be 19 internationally.

 07. no ooc drama. you will only get one warning. do not hesitate to contact the admins if someone is causing you trouble.

 08. make sure you have a basic profile upon joining with all the information in the app form. 


 09. no one liners! only descriptive first is allowed when it comes to 1stpov.


 10. pm the main admin upon leaving. if you need a hiatus, request in the hiatus room.

full name/age/gmt/orientation
pov and genres/aus preferences
preferences and limits
main theme / one
 goosebumps: halloween town & stories event
05 oct 2021
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main theme╱ two
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main theme╱ three
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main theme╱ four
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main theme╱ five
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--latarantella 1 year ago
Dropping Guk.
--latarantella 1 year ago
May I have Seo Inguk?
gudaetama 1 year ago
Queenofsins 1 year ago
So, I was thinking of applying but I'm not really sure about the face claim... I am thinking of maybe getting a more genderfluid face claim so I can change their gender to match the plot and make it more interesting since it can be used for a lot of plot ideas too but I'm not sure if in itself that is a good idea at the same time I want to have the chance to play both man and woman. But I'm not sure if I have the confidence to apply for a second character.
Anyway... if there are any face claims that are really needed or really wished for I would also be really interested in maybe getting one of those so please give me some short feedback on which would be the best idea or on any genderfluid face claims that would interest people?
PokeMaster 1 year ago
ohio may i have jung subin from victon thank and please?
b9da2c2919b8b461fda8 1 year ago
Can I get Mond Tanutchai as my second please?
cinnabunns 1 year ago
Is there room for a Seonghwa?
LadyofGalifrey 1 year ago
Emilia Clarke please! Thank you
-kimchifriedrice 1 year ago
hello, could i get go younjung please? :)
henggarae 1 year ago
can I get cho miyeon from g-idle?
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