❝The King's Pride.❞ || Open + Accepting || Thanks for the double feature!

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❝The King's Pride.❞

❝The King's Pride.❞

❝The King's Pride.❞

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to our humble guest of honour,

You are invited to join the king at his palace. Before you make your request please read through the information and ask if you have any questions.


based in modern day korea with a monarchy, emperor hyunjo is looking for someone to take over the throne. set with a supernatural twist you may be a shifter (take on an animal form) or a regular human, we don't discriminate here.

this is an heirs au, the rules are more relaxed since we started and more royalty positions can be opened. this is a work in progress since it's a group rp with a main plotline.

the king's rules

Rule 01: leave an upvote if you wanna but do favourite before joining. Please read the info rooms before joining.

Rule 02: No ooc drama, the first whiff of it and your arse is gone. don't be a .

Rule 03: this is a mature rp so mature themes will be everywhere. Add a TW to your post.

Rule 04: there is a dating ban for everyone. but what the king can't see he doesn't know. this is plot fuel so go nuts.

Rule 05: no pregnancies. this is about the crown and you don't want a scandal like that. If you really must just pm the king.

Rule 06: banned topics are and ia. dying is allowed if discussed with the king.

Rule 07: since this rp will have a main plotline it's important to interact with all the characters, this means absolutely no bubble rping or blocking users within the rp.

Rule 08: no godmodding, or metagaming. what you discuss in ooc is different from your character. please use the ic room to gossip. Password is Crown Jewels.

Rule 09: this is a race for the crown, you will earn points but by joining you agree to be placed under the king's mercy and if punished you will accept it.

Rule 10: since this is based on lion pride packs female characters will be in charge of the annual hunt. you may not be a ist jerk about this.

Rule 11: your character cannot develop new powers out of their arses. you must discuss any changes that impact the rp with the king. failure to do so will get you flogged, you naughty fool.

Rule 12: break my rules and i break your neck, simple. 


Note about applying: please check the info rooms before applying. your fc must be 19+ since this is based in south Korea. your character must also be 19+

Full OC name:
FC name:
Character background:
password: (See rules)

width must be 220; height can be 130 or higher

Welcome to the king's pride, you are a soldier, a fighter, a lover, a friend. you belong to the king.  never forget that. the kingdom needs you.

width must be 200; height can be 290 or higher


main admin


oldest daughter


oldest son


youngest son


youngest daughter

width must be 250; height can be 160 or higher


established on

OCT 10, 2021


created by



genre of rp

Royalty au


head admin



roleplay status



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everrosie_ 2 weeks ago
what princess role is open?
oogieboogie 4 weeks ago
I'm going to reserve Kwon Jiyong as my fc
i'm still thinking about a bg for him
preciosa 1 month ago
hello i have a question!
Wolfiecat 1 month ago
Lee Felix please- :0
oddtheundead 1 month ago
may i have kitty chicha amatayakul added for me please?
soursucrose 1 month ago
hi there! may i reserve sohn jeonghyuck (demian) please?
everrosie_ 1 month ago
Who to be? :3:
[comment deleted by owner]
heizou 1 month ago
i see smth interesting hehehehe
EtherealMoonPie 1 month ago
bc i have no control, could i also have jeong bomi and kim hongjoong reserved please? :'D
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