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Hello guys~

I am looking for some pm rps or private rps since I really love rping and writing. 
My time zone is GMT+9 since I moved for my job but I'm always on so please don’t’ be afraid to ask to rp with me even if our times don’t match. I literally have a sleeping schedule so I’m on all the time. But, if I don’t answer in a couple of days just poke me because I probably read but it was busy with life, family, school, or lesson planning lol. 

My writing style is 3rd pov detailed paragraph to multi-paragraphs, and sometimes I go to novella style writing. I really love long replies, but short is okay too – but I really only stick to detailed 3rd pov. I never expect my partner to mirror me or anything – but rather, write to their content and write as much as they are comfortable with. My reply speed is pretty fast. I always try to reply as soon as I get your message.

With genres, I am pretty much open to any type of genre expect of extreme horror or gore – I don’t mind like light horror or psychological things – but I tend to scare very easily so like extreme stuff I am not down with. Also, with , I am fine with , but I don’t like plots that only revolves around . I also will never ualize minors in any rp even if their face claims aren’t minors. If you want to include , our characters will have to be 18 or older.

I don’t have much preference for the muse that my partner uses – as I believe that everyone should rp as a person that they want to, so I’ll never ask you to be someone. My muses are Bae Joohyun, Park Sooyoung (Irene, Joy – Red Velvet), Kim Chungha, Kim Taeyeon (SNSD), Lee Sunmi, Kim Minkyeung (HINAPIA), Park Kyungri, Lee Keumjo, Park Minyoung, Oh Yeonseo, Ahn Sohee, Han Seungyeon, Lee Sungkyung, Shin Minah, Han Sunhwa, Victoria Song, Mingxi, Suihe, Shiroma Miru, Yooa (Oh my girl), Kwon Eunbi. Murase Sae, Sanha (astro), Q, Juyeon (the boyz), & Hur Hyunjun.

Plot Ideas: - Any plot idea can be altered and adjusted to fit what we want to do or if you have anything you would like to add to make it more complex. Also if you don’t like any of these plots please offer your own ideas or plots – you want to try out!

01. You’re my pet?; Character A finds a kitten, which is Character B, soaked, cold, and dirty in an alley on their way home from work/school. They decide to bring the kitten home, give it a bath, feed it, and take care of it until they can find out what do to with the kitten. But, the next morning Character A finds Character B in their living room as a human just munching on come leftover kimbap in their fridge in some of their clothes – what adventures will the two have?

02. Attending Physician – Character A and Character B both went to the small medical school together, and Character A was Character’s B crush and best friend all throughout medical school – but they lost contact when Character A did their residency and fellowship overseas. Now Character B is the attending physician in their department and finds themselves reuniting with the person they’ve tried so hard to forget – they think they have a second chance until they find out Character A is engaged to their rival in another department. But engagements don’t last forever – how will reuniting of two people change their paths they thought they had already planned out for themselves?

03. A taste so sweet – Character A is a vampire and feeds on Character B one late night after going home from finishing grading final papers for the semester. The two don’t know each other and don’t meet again until Character A calls Character B’s name in their class roster in their next class the following semester at their new job as the newest professor in the department. Will everything stay professional – or is a taste so sweet not so easy to indulge in?

04. Partners in crime – Character A & B are crime scene investigators working on a serial killer case together – the catch is Character B is the serial killer. Character B takes out the monsters in the world as a side job for cash but also loves catching other monsters like themselves, but they never thought they’d be trying to catch themselves. When Character A is attacked by one of Character’s B victim’s family members for not being able to catch him – Character B wonders how much their partner really knows and if they’ve turned a blind eye this whole time? Do twisted souls flock together?

05. Arranged Fates; Ever since they know each other, they had each other’s back, they were each other’s best friend, their rock, and their shoulder to lean on. They helped each other through breakups or family drama – and cheered each other on through all trails of school – but they never knew that their families had arranged them to be married ever since they were little. In the present time, Character B and Character A are having dinner with their parents when their parents tell them about their arrangement just before both of them announce their own engagements. How will these two best friends deal with their relationships and this arrangement?

06. Practical Magic; Character A finds an old book in their grandmother’s attic and brings it over to their best friend’s house for their annual back to school sleepover. The two best friends play around with the ‘spellbook’ casting different spells – thinking that this was an old joke book. Character A accidentally leaves one of their fake potions on the counter for Character B, her best friend’s older sibling to find and drink – resulting in them to kill over right there in the kitchen. The sibling’s death is ruled as an accident and Character A never speaks to her best friend again – until years later when she is looking at their sibling covered in dirt and in their funeral outfit exclaiming Character A is their bride and they are the leader of hell. What Character A didn’t know if that potion made Character B the vessel and would awaken the world needed the leader most – how will this turn out when Character B sees grabby little hands around Character A’s neck and Character B realizing they aren’t twenty anymore.

07. Royalty in Modern times; Character A is a royal member of the imperial family in historical time but at a festival, they are cursed by a witch, and the next morning they wake up in Character B’s bed being married to Character then there’s a baby in a bassinet next to them. What happens when a historical royal member is cursed into the modern world, married to a stranger, and has a baby – what is even worse they don’t know how to do their job, an owner of a café! What can go wrong?

08. Trapped in a game; Character A loves playing mobile games, but what if Character A wakes up in their favorite mobile game and meets their favorite character from the game, being Character B has always wanted to get out of this game – when they find out Character A is a normal person – they agree quickly to help them get out – so what story will these two create?

09. Home sweet home?; Sometimes we end up in places that we never thought we would. Character A wakes up a in a lush forest, not exactly knowing where they are nor how they got there. They find themselves stumbling into a military village, learning quickly they don’t belong nor is this home. They run into Character B, a high-ranking captain and Character B takes them in planning on helping them get home unless the people at home placed them there to get rid of them, will getting back home really be a priority when this new place starts to feel more like home or is it because of a certain person? (yes, this plot is loosely based on crashing landing on you)

10. The gumiho next door; When Character A moves into a new house, they wake up one night to hearing beautiful music from next door, they go to the window to see their neighbor, Character B, playing a traditional instrument on the porch of their backyard. But, the odd this is they have fox ears and nine tails swaying slowly behind them. Character A thinks they are dreaming, so they head back to bed not thinking much of it – until rumors about a large fox roaming about circulate around the neighborhood. Character A starts watching Character B thinking that they might not have been dreaming. Character B thinks they are safe one night, transforming into their full gumiho to clean their fur until they find their neighbor, Character A dropping their ice cream on the pavement in front of their backyard gate – what will each do now?

11. On our block; Growing up in mafia-oriented families is always hard, especially for their third year, Character A who is the heir to South Korea’s most notorious gang who is supposed to take over when their families say it is time. Character A doesn’t really want to – but it is their destiny to so they have no choice, until the new transfer student, Character B, moves into their neighborhood. They get to see the life of a person who has no ‘responsibilities’ except being a regular teenager. How will their story go?

please comment below or pm me if you want to rp or find any of these interesting~


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rennuelaw 5 hours ago
Hihi, are you still looking for partners?
teacuptentacles 1 day ago
I hope you don’t mind another person appearing here for a rp partner.
I tend to do / BL would you mind doing that with me?
shiboik89 6 days ago
plots 9,5,4,3,2,1 are intresting . nine sounds more like a Aot/Snk plot though .
DreamlessMaiden 1 week ago
do you rp ?
lavenders 3 weeks ago
I am very interested in some of these plots if you're still accepting!
nomsnom 1 month ago
hi want to roleplay with me?
Queenofsins 1 month ago
I would be interested in maybe 4 or 6?
orangesun 1 month ago
TokidokiHelloKitty 1 month ago
xingqiu 1 month ago
I'm interested but should i favorite this? :D
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