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This rp is called No Title, because just like life, this rp is what we make it. 
no updates at this time.
01. Favouriting the roleplay is a must to join. Upvotes are optional yet appreciated.

02. You can have up to 4 characters. 2nd after an upvote, 3rd after an ad blog, and the 4th once all previous characters reach 300 points.

03. To prevent the ualization of minors, we are only allowing 19+ faceclaims, including the international muses.

04. no face chasing, god modding, bullying, bubble rping, ooc drama, and ic drama (unless plotted). If any issues arise, please PM the main admin so we can get it sorted.

05. All rated topics are to be kept in the rated chat, main chat is only rated for cursing. is to be kept on walls, in pms, or in pursonal rooms. 

06. If you have any requests, such as: additional charas, roleplaying rooms, personal rooms or hiatus', then please tag an admin in the REQUESTS room under the ADMIN section.

07. Please PM the MAIN ADMIN if you decide to take your leave. Do not comment when leaving. pw: your favourite smeel. If possible, please state the reason you are departing so we can work on making things better for everyone.

08. Inactivity is set for 5 days. Once that ugly inactive sign pops up, you will get one warning- you'll have 24 hours to remove the inactive sign before you are removed. You may return, but until then, your face claim is up for grabs.

09. Those who are deceased, controversial/problematic or stated they do not wish to be rped are prohibited within this rp. 
01. Name
02. Age
03. Group
04. Timezone
05. Password
no Title
#what we make it


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littleshaq 6 days ago
Can I have Dove Cameron please?
kaeya- 1 week ago
could i please have im jaebeom?
oogieboogie 1 week ago
I have a question rq!
lupine [A] 1 week ago
shutupandkissme 1 week ago
may i get hirai momo? <3
Hyun-hye 1 week ago
Can I join? But how?
firenze 1 week ago
jeon jungkook please, matey!
tHeFrEaK 1 week ago
I'd like to join... but is there anyone anyone might want? I assume not lol but wanted to ask.
nanners 1 week ago
Fukutomi Tsuki please :3
prompto 1 week ago
kim namjoon please!
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