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Beautiful Creatures Roleplay
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About Us
With all of the debuts that happen in a year, idols seem to be a dime a dozen, all with their own sets of talents and skills that wow us viewers and captures our hearts. We know these idols are made to be as close to perfect as possible, but what if I told you they were actually more than just the humans we think them to be?

Beautiful Creatures RP is one that focuses on that one point: idols are made and manufactured to be the stars and starlets you see today because they're covering up the fact that they're not actually human. Of course, not all of them are a supernatural being, and not many people outside of the idol world really know of this fact. There are and will be mess ups from time to time, this is a given, but for the most part they are pristine people with their images built on maintaining their perfection. Supernatural being or simple human, they aim to please the masses as the idols they are, but will you still support them if they aren't who you once thought they were?
ONE. Favorite the rp. You don't have to upvote but it would be much appreciated.
TWO. This is a semiau, so you're still portraying idols, but some of them will be supernaturals and some of them won't.
THREE. Reservations last 24 hours and you're allowed up to three muses max. You can earn your second with an upvote, a completed profile, and 200 points on your first muse. You can earn your third with 200 points on your second, one completed profile for your second, and one blog review (format will be provided).
FOUR. If you wish to leave the roleplay, PM the admin. Failure to do so will result in you being banned/blacklisted from the roleplay.
FIVE. Out of character drama will not be tolerated. Leave your OOC drama elsewhere and/or handle it in private. Any issues, please report them to the admin or go to your personal PMs instead of publicly discussing them. You will be warned once and/or kicked if found causing drama. Please be on your best behavior.
SIX. Make sure you are keeping any and all ual conversations and sensitive topics, threads, and images to your own personal walls and PMs and use a TW/CW when necessary. We do not have many rated chats and we want this rp to feel like a safe place for any and everyone. The safeword is ambrosia.
SEVEN. Please keep OOC and IC separate. Try not to use OOC chatter in the IC rooms as much as you can, and use brackets or the OOC room when necessary.
EIGHT. We will accept any faceclaim from anywhere and of any orientation so long as they are alive in real life and so long as they are 20 or older IRL. Password is embraced by aphrodite. Do not request a faceclaim that is married, deceased, involved in any major scandals or drama, has asked not to be rped, and is under 20. Please also keep in mind that we do allow internationals, but they will probably have to have an interpreter with them so they can communicate with muses that don't speak their language.
NINE. Inactivity starts after 8 days of not posting. That means you have 1 week, and a 1 day grace period to get active. If you happen to go inactive, you will be kicked without warning. Do not join if you're going to hog faceclaims.
TEN. There is a three week and 500 point dating ban. This means both partners will need to have been in the rp for at least three weeks, and have to have at least 500 points. Moving couples, marriage, and pregnancy are not allowed at the moment.
ELEVEN. We reserve the right to reject your application request should we notice you have a record of problematic behavior.
How to Join
ONE. Make sure you read the rules and read the information tab.
TWO. Make sure you favorite before you apply.
THREE. Comment the group/job + name of your facelcaim, then use the application below to apply.
* * * * *
name. ex: nakamoto yuta.
stage name. ex: yuta.
group/occupation. nct.
species. gargoyle.
dob & age. 951026 / 26.
time zone. gmt+5.
password. read the rules.


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koyuki 1 month ago
hello may i get park seonghwa please?
bonkers 1 month ago
could i get wen junhui? please and thank you!
preciosa 1 month ago
may i have oh my girl's yoo shiah please ♡
Sister-nana 1 month ago
Oh my god, I just read the about us and <3
cerberuff 1 month ago
tbz's lee juyeon, please : D
ugrs031 1 month ago
kim mingyu please.
joongetic 1 month ago
may i have cha eunwoo (astro) please!
yourhoesomecatgirl 1 month ago
hi hi, can i please have everglow's heo yoorim aka aisha a&r for me? thank you!
venitempus 1 month ago
hello, could you a&r hwang hyunjin for me?
[comment deleted by owner]
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