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Koi 2.0
est. 2022
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Midnight Koi is an all orientation nonau roleplay. Eeveryone has been gifted the opportunity to just kick back and relax and have fun in the fictional Midnight City, known for it's very own breed of Koi that each resident is gifted with upon arrival. Won't you come and enjoy your free time with our MK fam? Your personal Koi awaits your arrival. 
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favoriting the roleplay is required for your reservation to be accepted. upvoting is only mandatory for a new character but is always appreciated.


check the masterlist. if a name is not there then they are available. banned muses include those that are minors, deceased, problematic, have committed or under investigation for serious crimes, have been involved in major scandals, have asked to not be roleplayed, or faceclaims whose age cannot be verified.


comment with the full name of your desired faceclaim and their real-life occupation or group, and real-life age. reservations last 72 hours and can only have one extension for up to 4 extra days.


all orientations and nationalities are allowed. models, actors, and ulzzangs are allowed as long as they do not fall under a banned faceclaim. max is 12 characters, you may not have more than 2 from the same group.


ooc drama will not be tolerated under any circumstances. this roleplay is meant to be a safe and comfortable space for everyone. this includes but is not limited to bullying, bad-mouthing, user taunting, passive-aggressive behavior, and fighting. this applies to both users and characters in the roleplay as well as users on this site or real-life people. If there is an issue, speak privately and civilly to resolve it, with an admin mediator if necessary. If sufficient evidence of this is found by the admins, all parties involved will receive ONE warning message detailing their infractions. Another infraction of any kind will result in 24 hours being given to remove themselves or be forcefully removed. removal due to breaking this rule may result in blacklisting from the roleplay. No exceptions.


do not face chase, character chase, user chase, or bubble rp. if you do, you will receive one warning before being removed from the roleplay. this is NOT a mature-themed or rp. keep NSFW content and threads to PMs, walls, and rated rooms.


there is a dating ban of 2 weeks upon joining. move-in couples are allowed but you must state that you are a move in or the dating ban will apply. no exceptions. all couples MUST comment in the couple list room to be added. pw is your current favorite song and 2 rules you think are the most important.


there is a dating ban of 2 weeks upon joining. move-in couples are allowed but you must state that you are a move in or the dating ban will apply. no exceptions. all couples MUST comment in the couple list room to be added.


Pregnancy, adoption, and surrogacy are allowed with consent from all parties involved and admin notification. pregnancies last 7-9 real-life weeks. 1 week = 1 month. mpreg and fempreg are allowed.


do not comment if leaving the roleplay. pm an admin. comments are for reservations if you need a hiatus or a cc, tag an admin in the proper room, comments will be deleted and ignored. if you leave without notifying an admin, we reserve the right to blacklist you.


inactivity is set to 14 days. You will get ONE warning and 48 hours to get rid of the inactive sign before being removed. if you go inactive 3 times in a row you will be removed without warning.

section ╱ application
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timezone (GMT +/-)
Head admin╱ babyqueen
Christopher Bang
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b8824fac787cc807f897 4 months ago
mark lee, nct, 22 please
Basquiat 4 months ago
miss you :D
absent 4 months ago
lee donghyuck nct 21 pls
deobixcch 4 months ago
Nct Johnny please
playstation 4 months ago
ning yizhuo, please!
kikyoh 4 months ago
Tu tontawan please
Dustofspring 4 months ago
Can I get Lee Jeno, nct, 21?
glizzy_mcguire 4 months ago

maggie lindemann (soloist, singer) 23
glizzy_mcguire 4 months ago
Did u revamp bae?
narcotic 4 months ago
kim minju, izone, 21 please thank you :>
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