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about us
1. Favoriting the rp is a must before joining and please comment below the full + stage name of your desired faceclaims. reservations only last for 24 hours and to apply your account must be 6+ months old.
2. Face claims must be 21+ or older. any idols that are deceased, married, problematic, or ones that don't wish to be roleplayed are banned! There is a max of four faceclaims per soul (you can have more than one faceclaim from a group that has 7+ members). 2nd is free, 3rd is an upvote, 4th is 300 pts each on the previous characters. 5th is 500 pts .
3. The inactivity is set to seven days and you will be given up to two warnings to remove the little red sign before you will be kicked. if you would like a hiatus that consists of one month or a semi-hiatus which consists of two weeks, please tag an admin. if you ever wish to depart from the rp, you must PM one of the admins before leaving or else you may be blacklisted.
4. There shall be absolutely no ooc drama and if there is any form of harassment and such, you will be kicked right away. the key sentence : write down one of the rules that you think is important to you in your own words.
5. Please keep any rated chats or rping in the rated rooms, walls, or pms. you can use the safe word is zappy zap to let the others in the room know that they must change topics or continue it elsewhere.
6. there is a dating ban of 2 weeks but move-ins are allowed, just state that in your app!
7. cc limits are 2 per month. it will restart every 1st of the month.
8. be sure to be inclusive of everyone in conversations and just have fun!
how to join
Full namE + stage 
dob + age
timezone + password 
Hwang yeji
main admin
rosalÍa tobella
co admin
Jeon heejin
co admin
alex turner
co admin
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hobibuu 1 day ago
May I have Jung Hoseok? That lovely British admin mentioned me, before ♥
Also, there will be Min Yoongi coming in, and we would like to be a moving couple if that's okay.
Thank you (´。• ω •。`) ♡
hesiter 1 day ago
so I got kicked out can I come back?
villanelle 1 day ago
can I pls get florence pugh? :D
goldenpoetics 2 days ago
Just made this account bc I cannot remember for the life of me what my old one was. It's been a year or so. I do recognize an admin however, so perhaps I may be able to verify myself if that's allowed
warmmilk- 3 days ago
I just came back to rp and how do the applications work again? Do I just apply for a character and it's not only idols?
moonkitty [A] 1 week ago

nicorobiin 1 week ago
may i reserve henry cavill pls?
siyawn 1 week ago
may i have both txt's choi beomgyu and itzy's shin ryujin, please?
xmomochii 1 week ago
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*congrats on the 100 favorites!*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Lena1993 1 week ago
hii! could i have the soloist Jeon Somi please!
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