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Welcome to kirby♡car!

This is a place where you can come home and relax after a long day. Even Kirby has to come home and rest after his battles to protect his home from any threats. Now that Kirby can take on different forms through mouthful mode, he can stuff things like a vending machine or a whole entire car into his mouth!

Take advantage of the nice days ahead and go on a scenic ride with kirby♡car!
rules and guidelines
Favorite then comment your desired character's full name. All characters need to be 20 years of age or older as of April 30, 2022. We do not accept any celebrities outside of the Korean entertainment industry. Reservations last for 24 hours.
No character changes (cc); if you want to CC, you will have to start over with the application process for your new face. You are allowed up to 2 characters (1 main & 1 alt). You will need to have 5 days of existence and 500 points to obtain that second character. Comment again for your second!
Inactivity is set for 4 days with no warnings. If you go inactive, your character will be up for grabs for the next 24 hours. once 24 hours are over, you can ask for your character back. For second characters that go inactive, you will have to do all the requirements to get them back.
No hiatuses are allowed—if you need to take time away from the roleplay, do so and you can always reapply once you are more available.
Dating ban of 1 week and no move-in couples (except for June and Sally!!). Be mindful of the age difference in which your characters may hae and try to keep it between +/- 5 years. Answer this for the password:  What is the equation used to find the hypotenuse of a right triangle assuming you know the length of the two other sides?
No bubble roleplaying or face/user chasing. Get to know everyone and keep this a welcoming environment to all. No OOC drama, keep it IC.

If the safeword [ KING DEDEDE IS NOT PLEASED ] is used, change the topic.
- Full Name [ ex.) Kim Hyungseo ]

- Group [ ex.) Soloist ]
- Age/DOB [ ex.) 23 ; September 27, 1998 ]
- Password


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SeHYUNG 1 week ago
h elp
can i have soobi back
boonanii 1 week ago
boonanii 1 week ago
ahaha, bet you won't give me kim min-bigtiddy-gyu
[comment deleted by owner]
effloresce 2 weeks ago
haha, joining the alt train- can I get loona's jung jinsoul as second? :D
painter 2 weeks ago
heh ill keep this alive but can i have ning yizhuo as my second
nekojita 2 weeks ago
aha hi, can i get ten lee please?
Milkiechann 2 weeks ago
Oof i wanna join but idk who i should be.
Any suggestions?
SeHYUNG 2 weeks ago
can i get han jisung as my second pls
haedache 3 weeks ago
felix lee please !
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