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◈ awakened
established 2022 superpower au
Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you. george r.r. martin
basic information
roleplay type
superpower au
opened on
08 june 2022
open and accepting
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nct 127
june 8th
GRAND OPENING awakened has officially had our grand opening! we welcome all new awakeners and are preparing for our first event we hope to launch soon. as a token of our thanks, all those who pre-reserved from our ad blog will be gifted 50 activity points upon joining us!
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yoo inhyuk
main admin.
gmt -8
lu han
gmt -6
kim nahee
gmt +8
character name
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character name
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about us
section one • posted 05 june 22
a secret society of people with supernatural abilities called the awakened has existed in this world for centuries. they hide in plain sight amongst the regular civilians on earth, working in the shadows to protect mankind from the forces of evil while exploring the very depths of what their powers can accomplish.
alongside your main powers, awakeners are capable of acquiring and training even more epic skills while residing at the home of all awakened ones; an undisclosed location known only as the ether realm.
there are four factions awakeners can join that will sponsor, train, and protect you like family. although all awakeners are expected to uphold the rules of our  society and work together to protect the world, there is still frequent competition and rivalry amongst the factions for power.
join us to become awakened to your ultimate supernatural power. train your skills, rise up through the rankings, duel in combat with others, and protect (or conquer) the world!
section two • posted 05 june 22
general rules
favorite the roleplay before reserving. upvotes are mandatory to receive a second character. please read all rules and info rooms before you apply. we have a right to reject anyone for failure to comply with rules, problematic behavior, or inactivity.

reservations last 48 hours before expiration.
check the faceclaims room before commenting to reserve. we will only accept faces and characters who are ages 18+. you may tweak your character's age up or down by 3 years as long as the minimum is 18. no minors allowed. internationals are accepted.

banned faceclaims are anyone who is deceased, involved in major crimes/scandal, wish not to be roleplayed, or under the age 18 internationally.

5 characters allowed per user. read the requests room for details on how to get additional characters.
no ooc drama is tolerated. this includes bullying, passive aggressive behavior, fighting in public chats, user taunting, bad mouthing, bubble rping, godmodding, chasing, discrimination, etc.

if you have an issue, discuss it civilly and privately. contact an admin if necessary. those who are found in violation of this rule will be given only 1 strike if the issue is resolved. you will be removed and blacklisted if you receive a 2nd strike.
keep nsfw content in rated rooms, walls, and pm. put trigger warnings in any replies, threads, or profiles as needed. this includes the ooc and ic chat.

although this roleplay will have mature themes and violence, we ask you to please be mindful of sensitive or nsfw topics as they might be triggering.

ic drama is encouraged, but must be discussed or plotted beforehand with all parties involved. do not mix ic with ooc.
there will be a badge layout in the 'personal message' section of your profile after being accepted. do not delete this layout.

you are allowed to edit aesthetics or update the information on your badge, but please do not try to falsify any information. admins will notice and you can receive a strike if you are caught purposefully lying about information on your badge layout.
activity rules
inactivity is set to 10 days. you will receive only 1 warning to fix inactivity within 24 hours or else be removed from the roleplay.

you may return, but if you go inactive and are removed a second time you will be blacklisted.

do not simply make one post then vanish again, admins will notice your absence.
full and semi hiatus can last from 1 - 30 days total. if you need an extension for your hiatus, please pm an admin with a reasonable excuse for why.

refer to the requests room for a hiatus. if you try to ask for a hiatus anywhere else, you will be ignored.
you must have a basic profile + 1 active ic thread within your first week of joining. failure to meet this requirement will be considered inactivity.

you do not need a fancy profile layout, your application information being copied onto your profile is sufficient enough.
if leaving, pm an admin with your reason for leaving us. failure to do this will result in being blacklisted.
character rules
it is important that you thoroughly read all the rooms under the information tab before you apply. the information in these rooms will help you to understand how our roleplay's universe works and how you can create a character that fits well.

admins will notice if you haven't read the info rooms and potentially can reject your application if you do not fill out the app correctly.

example: giving your character 5 powers when we only allow 1-3 powers total.

if you have any questions or concerns about the roleplay, please be sure to read our faq room before you ask an admin since we might have already answered your question there.
this roleplay is intended to have an interactive element with a variety of events and activities available for you to participate in. although participation in these activities is not required, we highly encourage you to play along with us.

we will have some high activity plot-driven events or low activity lighthearted events; it will all depend on the mood and overall activity of the roleplay.

we suggest you check out some of our 24/7 available activities such as the training centre and duel arena.
due to the nature of the roleplay having supernatural powers and combat elements, we will allow ic deaths and permadeaths.

if you are plotting the death of a character, you must get permission from all parties involved as well as discussing with admins before you officially proceed.

if a character has died, you will be removed from that character and they will be placed in our 'graveyard' on the masterlist. the faceclaim will also be banned from being claimed by other roleplayers unless you wish to have your dead character return.

since our roleplay has supernatural and magical properties ic, we will allow characters who have died to return back to life. however, you will need to purchase an elixir of life from the points shop.

please think carefully and be certain that you wish to carry out the death of a character before you commit to it. while it can be interesting for plot developments or to retire a character you have lost muse for, it can still be a triggering topic for others. not to mention the elixir of life will cost you many activity points if you wish to have them return.
some lore of the roleplay has been left somewhat vague for now. our lore and rules might change in the future as we develop more with plot-driven events or activities.
section three • posted 05 june 22
out of character
full name + group or job
faceclaim's age
their irl age
gmt -/+
summarize 3 important rules
in character
full name
oc name is optional
date of birth + age
18 years minimum
read factions room
read roles room
1-3 maximum , read powers room
2 minimum
1-5 sentences


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gojosatoru 2 months ago
hi may i reserve lily maymac?
sunknee 2 months ago
jeong jaehyun (roh jisoo) bio !
mikadzuki 2 months ago
hi! may i reserve xu minghao please?
-kimchifriedrice 2 months ago
could i get an extension on my reservation pls? i think i'll just get jungkook for now and get changkyun when i can actually manage to!
mobius 2 months ago
may i reserve kim minju?
shinyechan 2 months ago
may i reserve choi yeonjun?
scammer 2 months ago
hi!! may i change my reservation from jung jinsoul to jung soojung? thank you!
fairys 2 months ago
oh my god
nihilist 2 months ago
as expected, i’m simping h e a v y for all this! ;/////; just wanted to roll on through and support my babsie rosetea thouuugh, hehe.
scammer 2 months ago
i am,,, kind of,,, tempted to join,,, T___T
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