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Over 100 years ago the vampires took over, plunging the Earth into a new era where supernatural forces became the dominant species. In order to maintain their food source the vampires created the Blood Farms, sprawling facilities housing hundreds, and sometimes thousands of humans with the main purpose of providing fresh, healthy blood. Here our story follows a Blood Farm located in an unspecified city of an unspecified country, where the relationships between vampires and humans are fraught with tension, both good and bad.

In a world where the Earth has been taken over by vampires there exist facilities across the globe in which humans are kept, fed and raised as living blood bags. Surely this would have been a fate worse than death to the humans of 150 years ago. Today, however, the Blood Farm arrangement is seen more positively than it ever has been. 

The vampire overlords are not nearly as ruthless and cold as they are made out to be in hunter propaganda, and the humans within these Blood Farms are actually treated quite well, even if they are technically livestock. While the system is definitely not without its problems, the Blood Farm focused on here, in an unspecified city of an unspecified country, is one of the better off. The humans in the facility are all here of their free will, many of them wishing to escape the harsh living conditions of the dilapidated slums. The world outside the facility is rife with crime, corruptions and death. Some humans are here just to survive, while there are others who purely enjoy the act of being fed from. Whatever the reason, a smart vampire is not going to turn away a willing food source. 

However, even though this facility is (mostly) cleanly run and generally well-off, there are still those that wish to see it burn. Mainly, the hunters that view vampires as nothing more than monsters needing to be eradicated, and the rogue vampires that see humanity as insects beneath their feet, something to be drained and discarded. Both the hunters and the rogues have infiltrated the Blood Farm with the intent of unsettling the entire operation, and it's only a matter of time before something finally gives under the strain.
blood farm.
blood farm.
blood farm.
lim donghyun
humans | 17
vampires | 20

051522 — Grand opening on the night of the Blood Moon! 




Ⅰ — Please favorite the roleplay. Upvoting is optional, but greatly appreciated.

Ⅱ — This is a detailed 1st and 3rd POV roleplay. The main goal is for people to develop their characters and roleplay with each other, not just hang out in the OOC and IC chat rooms. If the chat rooms become over-saturated they may be closed for a period of time.

Ⅲ — While the roleplay itself is not rated M, rated topics may be roleplayed on walls, in private messages and in designated rated M rooms. if there is any triggering content please attach a warning to your posts. Use your best judgement for which plots should be done in public (rooms, walls) and in private (PMs). 

Ⅳ — We accept all faceclaims except 1) anyone below the age of 18 internationally or below the age of adulthood in their respective country, 2) anyone involved in criminal activity/controversy, 3) anyone deceased and 4) anyone who has requested not to be used in a roleplay setting. 060522 EDIT: As of now we will accept characters as either their IRL name, or an OC name based on your preference.

Ⅴ — Reservations last up to 72 hours. Failure to apply for your character will result in the faceclaim becoming free for others. You are allowed two (2) characters right away, and a third character once you reach 50 activity points on your first two characters AND have been in the roleplay for at least one (1) week.

Ⅵ — Inactivity starts at 14 days of no posting. You will receive one (1) warning if this occurs. If you do not respond within 48 hours of this warning you will be kicked from the roleplay. If you wish to rejoin, you will have to wait one week to reapply for your character. Failure to apply within one (1) week will result in the faceclaim becoming free for others.

Ⅶ — In order to promote activity new members must have a basic profile within one (1) week of joining, as well as one active thread with at least two replies from yourself.

Ⅷ — Please refrain from OOC drama. IC drama is welcomed and encouraged, as long as all involved parties are okay with it. If you have any issues with OOC or unplanned IC drama, please message the head admin for assistance.

Ⅸ — You may request a hiatus at any time within the requests room. Semi-hiatus lasts up to a month, while a full hiatus lasts up to two (2) weeks. These durations may be adjusted if needed. 

Ⅹ — If leaving the roleplay you must private message the head admin of your departure.

Ⅺ — You have two choices of password: a) a song that makes you think of vampires, or b) your favorite vampire trope.

Ⅻ — For more information regarding the lore, roles and other facts of the roleplay, please view the rooms under the "information" tab of the roleplay.

And a reminder: this roleplay is meant to be a fun and creative space to stretch your brain muscles. Let loose a bit and go wild with your ideas, etc. etc. - please enjoy yourself! (If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact an admin for assistance.)

 IRL Name:
 OC Name: (optional!)
Faceclaim's IRL D.O.B + Age: 
Character's IRP D.O.B + Age:
Occupation: (vampires & rogues only)
Unique Characteristics: (minimum 2)
ex. only has one fang, has perfect aim, faints at the sight of blood, collects the teeth of their vampire victims, afraid of snakes, has a special tattoo, etc.
 Short Bio: (minimum 4 sentences)
 (OPTIONAL) Any Comments: ?


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RoseMemoir 1 month ago
Park Jimin please? Rogue vampire
Kim4Shim 1 month ago
I would love to join. But donno wich role yet. Probably want aespa Karina
TaeKook 1 month ago
I don't know who to be
MissKittyRose 1 month ago
May I please reserve Us Nititorn Akkarachotsopon as rogue ♡ Vampire please~
Leeteuk 1 month ago
Hi! I have a few questions~
LadyofGalifrey 1 month ago
Can I please reserve Liana Cornell as a rogue vampire under the name ‘Sabine’? Thank you for your time.
4Ranghae 1 month ago
Can i reserve kim hongjoong as a vampireb please?
AmbieAssassin 1 month ago
Can I ask two questions?
I was thinking about requesting San and I don't see him on the masterlist so could I, please, request him?
And if I make him a financial donor to the blood farm, are there any specific things he had to do or are there any requirements for financial donors in the world? I'm sorry if it seems like a stupid question. I just want to be sure. ><
Loeyprone 1 month ago
Kim Minseok as a donor
Minwook 1 month ago
Park Chanyeol as a rogue please :)
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