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once upon a time a tiny creature wakes up and finds itself in a strange new world. It's round and dark, narrow and so very boring. It stays curled up in a ball for a while, dreaming away for years to come. But then it needs to have a good stretch. And suddenly the world bursts open. "wow!" it cries with delight. "The world isn't a dark place after all - it's bright and full of possebilties!"

flowers in

full bloom



inside of every human there is a hidden part. A animal sleeping away  inside our hearts until we reach puperty and get to experience our first heat or rut, confirming our denying our rank and revealing to us our up til then hidden animal counterpart. From now on we are connected to our inner animal and can even use their abilities, show our more animalistic features or shift completley into our animal form. How would your life play out in a world like that? are you ready to find out? then join us now.

01. favorite the roleplay if you are interested in joining. we reserve the right to ignore your application until you have done so. Upvoting is optional but of course very much loved.



02. after much consideration we decided to go with a semi-au, hybrid abo theme. This means that yes, you are famous idols but people are also hybrids (you can choose any animal ou there that actually exists) and people do have a secondary gender such as alpha, beta or omega. 

you don't really like the hybrid aspect? you are welcome to always stay as a human.

as of right now we are open for boys only. sorry to all them ladies.



03. faceclaims and roleplayers must be 19+ years old as there most likely will be a lot of mature coughcough content around here as is the nature of most abo places.. we only allow you to use faces of famous idols/models. Please do not use people who don't wish to be rpèd as or deceased/problematic faceclaims. 



04. first character is of course free. The second character can be aquired after upvoting. The 3ed after making a blog post about the rp or having a friend join the rp. any character after that costs you 500 points from a previous character. You can not have more than two characters of the same rank.



05. there is a 250 points dating ban. so get the points and start dating whenever you are ready. 

mpreg is of course allowed as long as all parties involved are comfortable with. Though only omegas and betas can get pregnant. but don't worry, adoption i always an option. 

the urration for a pregnancy is 3months in real life (one month per trimester). 



06. please refrain from facechasing and/or bubble roleplaying. Try and make an effort to actually be inclusive and make all the people around feel welcome. we want to try and be a save heaven for everyone around.

use rooms to talk to each other, approach people via dm or wall post or whatever other way you feel comforatble with.

and remember the more you use rooms, the more active this place will seem, the more people will join.



07. since we are all young adulds and have a life outside of rpr there is no set rule for activety. Though the ugly red sign will pop up after a week. Two weeks without activety and no notice to one of the admins and you are out. 

semi hiatus can last uo to six weeks. fullhiatus for four weeks. extensions are posible, just talk to the admins.

ifyou lost inspiration or want to leave for whatever other reason please comment on your original comment. admins wand to see other dm's as well and not just the "I'm leaving" notices. pretty please and thanks.



08. despite being an abo and semi-au roleplay (we want to make things easy for you guys) we still welcome creativety and serious roleplaying. Don't shy away from long posts or making your alpha all soft and submissive or your omega dominant ready to rip out throats or taking what they want.

on that note heats and ruts will take place every four weeks for three to four days. Your first rut/heat will be a month after joining the rp.



09. we are not just a roleplay-please and thank you. Keep the more extreme or graphic stuff out of the main chat. There are enough places for you to get down and dirty at and not everyone feels comfortable with such topics. So let's be mindful of each other,

should anyone ever feel uncomfortable or encounter any other problematic or troubling thing you are welcome to contact one of the admins.



10. Lastly our password is your favorite flower. 




name + group: xxxxxxx

age: xxxxxxx

scent: xxxxxx

rank and animal: xxxxxxx

personality: a few short sentences are enough

password: xxxxxxx



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wikihow 3 hours ago
Could I have Kim Youngkyun
flowfree 16 hours ago
kim seungmin as a beta, please!
Sedative 22 hours ago
choi chanhee as a beta pls!
AyonSage1 1 day ago
I'd like to request a second if possible?
Loeyprone 1 day ago
Re-reseving park Chanyeol because I'm a little slow with bad memory
Rubberducky_ur_the_1 2 days ago
Can I get hiroto akiyama as a second please uwu
karmasutra 2 days ago
hello ! could i please have lim sejun from victon as an alpha?
teacuptentacles 3 days ago
May I have Byun Baekhyun from exo as an omega?
Please and thank you
icheeze 3 days ago
may I have chae hyungwon as a beta please
vvaffles 3 days ago
:3 can i get han hyeongjun/junhan please
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