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We're here for nonsensical chatting and of course, for s & giggles. No bad vibez plz. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, also to push out as many interactive and fun events for everyone to enjoy so we do hope you'd help us keep the place active! Password is to paraphrase any one guideline.
As of 04/08/2022, we have converted from a crack nonau to a self paced freeverse. You are free to rp in either a nonau or au setting.
general rules
01. Favourite the RP before using our comment format to reserve your desired FC. 
02. Do not bring or start OOC drama here. Please resolve any issues in pms and if needed, bring it up to the admins with the necessary screenshots/receipts as proof.
03. If you'd like IC drama, please ensure you get consent from all parties involved and only rp it out on your walls or rping rooms (location or personal room).
04. Keep OOC convos to a minimum. Use brackets or redirect yourself to the OOC chatroom if needed. Please also refrain from bringing up stuff that happened in other rps! 
05. Strictly no blatant facechasing and userchasing. Be inclusive and respectful of everyone. Try to at least greet everyone in the chatroom instead of talking to your clique only. We have zero tolerance for bullying and godmodding as well.
06. Rated topics to be done in the NSFW chatroom or in your personal rooms, not in the main chatroom. should be kept to personal rooms, walls or pms only.
07. Dating ban of 5 days. Move-in couples are welcomed but please state so in your application, otherwise we will void it. There's no marriage ban after you've gotten past the 5 days dating ban. No pregnancies allowed. All orientations welcomed!
08. 3 strikes system. Failure to adhere to our guidelines will result in a strike and after getting 3, your fcs will be deleted and the user will be banned.
activity rules
01. Inactivity is set to 6 days. To clear your FC from inactivity, gain 24 pts within 24 hrs.
02. Posting on your own wall to clear your inactive sign will result in an immediate kick. The same will happen if you delete the inactive warning.
03. The inactive alert will only be sent twice. The third time you go inactive, your FC will be deactivated without warning.
04. Only your 1st FC will be alerted of inactivity. Subsequent alts will be deactivated without notice if inactive.
05. There will be a 48 hrs ban imposed once kicked before you can reclaim your FC. During this period, anyone is free to grab your FC.
06. Semi/Hiatus guidelines could be found in this room
faceclaim rules
01. Reservations last 24 hrs. Strictly no extensions.
02. Gain 77 pts within 24 hrs of joining or your FC will be deleted. No extension or warning given.
03. Banned FCS = controversial, deceased, married, and those who stated that they do not want to be rped.
04. FCs must be 19+ y/o aka 2003 liners and older only. Do note, we'd only count your FC as 19 y/o after their bday has passed.
05. Unlimited FCs; however, we'd try to regulate the frequency of users requesting for more alts to avoid hogging. ie if majority of your pts come from spam or if found speaking to only your s/o or clique (have very minimal interaction with others), we reserve the rights to reject adding your alt(s).
2nd = post an ad blog.
3rd = all fcs must have 200 pts each.
4th = all fcs must have 400 pts each.
5th = all fcs must have 600 pts each.
6th = your 5th fc has stayed active for 3 days and all fcs must have 800 pts each.
7th = post another ad blog and all fcs must have 1k pts each.
8th onwards = subjected to your activity & contributions in the rp (ie has participated in events, has interacted actively in the main chat). you'd be tasked to do certain 'missions' such as writing a oneshot or doing a dare before you can grab your new fc. min. requirement is to have 1.5k pts on each fc you hold.
**2nd gen fc exception:  each user is able to get up to 2 fcs from 2nd gen (debuted in 2003 - 2011) for free (eg if your 2nd fc is a 2nd gen idol, you don't need to post an ad blog). requirements to be met for your 3rd second gen fc onwards.
06. Internationals, Youtubers, Models, Influencers, Actors/Actresses welcomed!
07. You may claim more than 1 member from the same group regardless of the group size.
08. CC guidelines could be found in this room. To request for more FCs, please use the same room as well.
café fleuri
café fleuri
07 jun 2022
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Uhhhh can haewon come back-
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ning yizhuo
october 23, 2002
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it says resuming business so..ehe
may i reserve;
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「❀」ᴄᴀғᴇ ᴅᴇ ғʟᴇᴜʀ ᴏɴ ʙʀᴇᴀᴋ
we are currently not accepting any new applications. come back when we're open for business again!
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may i have lalisa manoban pls
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kim mingyu por favor
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Woo Hankyung
February 28, 1997
ardently 1 month ago
I'm browsing and I stumbled upon this rp. I just want to say that it's adorable!
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park sooyoung - joy
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sept. 3rd 1996
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