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Do you ever get stuck with a couple or pairing that is in a rp that closed or died off? Don't worry! We are here to help you. Our sole purpose is to house your ships and couples (official or not) without dying or closing so you can have a safe and comfy place to spend time with your loved one(s). This isn’t just exclusive to old couples, we accept new couples you’d like to try with someone. Singles are allowed to join and connect with their loved ones (friends). We will accept all orientations here, including if you'd like to do poly. We do not judge or discriminate. This is a safe place to love and that's how it will stay.




01 Favourite the rp for entry. No accounts under 4 months old unless you have proof of an old account. Please unpriv when you apply so we can check. If you do not unpriv you will not be accepted. comment full name + stage name when reserving.

02 This is a nonau so you will be idols/models/etc. Be respectful and remember we accept no one who has been in a valid scandal, is married, or has passed. We do accept internationals with the same restrictions.

03 Move-in couples are encoraged and the main point of this rp so make sure to post in the couples room/unofficial room when you all join so we can add you in. 

04 No OOC drama PERIOD. IC drama is okay if you have consent. Users who have been in harmful OOC drama will be turned down. password: tell me your fave love song.

05 All rooms will be rated but only because of language, but is not prohibited unless it is on walls or in pms. You may talk about spicy things in rated chat room or personal rooms.

06 There will be 15 days until you are inactive, but we will not be warning or paying much attention. If you do not post in those 15 days I will assume you are going to disappear and do not want to keep your paretner(s) waiting for you. Ask for a hiatus if you need.

07  First three characters are free, fourth and fifth when you upvote. If you get 150 pts on all characters you may have a sixth and seventh. no one born after 2002 for now.

08  PM admin bot Blue Bell for questions or if you are leaving. And most importantly, have fun!






Im Yeojin

date of birth

11/ 11/ 2002

group / job



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secret_love 1 week ago
Gimme uchinaga aeri (giselle) pls ❤
-owaowa 1 week ago
huh yunjin and wong kunhang pls!
milfhunter 1 week ago
I'll apply for kai and jeongin when i get home
levanter 1 week ago
can i lee know (predictable)
soursucrose 1 week ago
hi! may i reserve kim younghoon and jeong jinsol?
daddyslittleprincess 1 week ago
choi miyeon and kim taehyung pls
levanter 1 week ago
yowaimo 1 week ago
hi there! torn between jungkook and yeonjun, may i have some assistance? ૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა
inosuke_ 1 week ago
ok i upvoted can i have park chaeyoung (rosie) as third?
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