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sunset drive ♡
Need a place to escape and to call your own? Here at ' Sunset Drive ' our purpose is to provide a sweet, late summer getaway meant to be worthwhile for our beloved civilians. Connect with friends old and new, cross paths with romance and let the setting sun be your guide home. 
Our Rules : 

1. In order to gain access to the rp, you must leave a favorite. Upvotes, on the other hand, can either be optional or your requirement for a 4th character (first is free, second costs 500 points, third is an ad blog). 

2. Your account must be 3+ months old; we will be checking at the door, so make sure yours is unprivated. When reserving, comment in this format: " [ full name ] is ready to take a ride down sunset drive! " You have 48 hours to apply. All nationalities are welcome, but all faces must be 20+ and aren't any of the following: deceased, problematic, personally requested not to be roleplayed.

3. Consented ic drama is accepted, however, all ooc drama stays out of the rp. If any issues arise among members, try to talk matters out privately and civilly. In addition, no bubble roleplaying! Our goal is to be a friendly, fun and inclusive place for all. We also have a safe word! (slushie)

4. With the exception of move in couples (kindly state this in your application), there is a dating ban of 2 weeks. The more you get to know each other, the better the relationship. Respectfully keep  in personal rooms, walls and PMs. Female pregnancies are okay. 

5. The inactive sign will pop up after 14 days of zero activity. Note: you will not be given a warning and for the following 48 hours your character will be on lock/available for other users. If you find yourself too busy to be active, feel free to request a hiatus! (semi = 2 weeks, max = 4 weeks) The password is your favorite summer activity! 

6. If any of these rules are deemed broken, the person will be given three warnings, one for each incident prior to being permanently removed from the rp. For any questions or concerns, contact artemis bot and supply screenshots of potential problems for validity's sake.
The Application + Current Event : 

Full Name
Stage Name


Our Admins (2/4 slots open) :

let's go somewhere only we know, down sunset drive, cruisin past the skyline
nonau — all ori — intls welcome — semi crack
featured member / name + profile link
np feels like summer
childish gambino


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nicorobiin 2 hours ago
felix lee is ready to take a ride down sunset drive!
boonanii 2 days ago
engfa waraha is ready to take a ride down sunset drive!
cloudcveam 3 days ago
hwang hyunjin is ready to take a ride down sunset drive!
valkyrae 3 days ago
jeon jungkook is ready to take a ride down sunset drive!
veerescreer 4 days ago
Kim mingyu is ready to take a ride down sunset drive!
deaddy 4 days ago
lee chaeryeong is ready to take a ride down sunset drive!
fairys 1 week ago
lee nakyung is ready to take a ride down sunset drive!
mimodreams 1 week ago
Hi hi, so I am on a new account because I couldn't FOR THE LONGEST TIME get into my old one. Is there a way I can prove that so that I can apply here on this new account? :3
hector 1 week ago
kim doyeon is ready to take a ride down sunset drive!
heartstopper 1 week ago
kim jiwoo is ready to take a ride down sunset drive!
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