ꔛ dear, my friends ✿ "let's be together forever" — new nonau, open and accepting! 웃♡웃

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% rules
one please make sure to favorite the roleplay, upvoting is up to you. two this roleplay is a non-au and is based on a drama: dear, my friends. about friends and growing together, having hardships, together-ness, being kind to one another etc. three make sure your faceclaim is not involved in any scandals or married, deceased, etc. four dating ban is two weeks, no move-in couples allowed. five no face-chasing and godmodding nor hogging a character, let's play fair here. password is "what is your favorite flower?" six second chara are allowed after upvoting and first chara has 50 points and third chara requires ad blog and all characters must have 300 points each. they cannot be in same group unless there are 10+ members within the group. inactiviy is set for a week! you will be warned once, then you will be booted after the first warning if there is no reply within that week. seven do not bring ooc matters into all rooms, only when it says you're allowed to in the room. do not come in this roleplay if you are here to cause drama. eight keep all rated chats in the designated rooms. nine safe word is "dandelionten we accept the ages 21 of age and up and faceclaims asian descent only. eleven hiatus is limited for a month, semi-hiatus lasts for a week. be sure to pm the admins before going on hiatus or leaving the roleplay or you will be blacklisted. twelve your account must be opened since 6 months at least. due to people joining from getting blacklisted in the future. thirteen if any questions before joining or when you join, please pm the admins. thank you!
you have 24 hours to apply when you reserve your character. when you get accepted, make sure you have 50 points by the end of the week. we will warn you and then you are out. easy as it sounds.
디어 마이 프렌즈
% application
read the rules before you apply

FULL NAME cho miyeon
DATE OF BIRTH  jan 31, 1997
GROUP (g)i-dle

PASSWORD in the rules
% couples
❑ ʚ두근–두근 ⊹ ♡
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pahjeori 1 month ago
christian yu/yu barom pls!
vampyr 1 month ago
jeon jimin (miso) pls!
56b7d4fd061c7ef92368 1 month ago
Can I reserve Choi Beomgyu, please?
moonkitty 1 month ago
hiya I’m stumped between 3 muses can i get help?
jeon heejin, shen xiaoting, or lee chaeryeong?
neodreams 1 month ago
lee donghyuck pls
yerimiese 1 month ago
can i get kim minjeong, please!
pinkcrayon 1 month ago
kim chaewon pls
glizzy_mcguire 1 month ago
Can i get my lil 10 pc nuggie jane ramida
nalgonas 1 month ago
nancy mcdonald pretty pls?
-delicate 1 month ago
yo can I get an adult happy meal with large fries and a diet
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