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rules ▶ general
1. Favourite the RP before commenting for your desired character. Comment format to reserve: game on with [fc's full name + group]!
2. The RP will heavily rely on dice rolls and you’d be required to actively keep track of your game progress (ie updating what pokemon you’ve caught, qty of items). Additionally, as a Semi Literate RP, you’re encouraged to write and plot instead of using the chatrooms only.
3. This is a Semi-AU hence, you are still idols but you are allowed to tweak the FC's personality (ie hobbies, habits, dis/likes, etc).
4. Do not bring or start OOC drama. Please resolve your issues in private and if needed, bring it up to the admins with the necessary screenshots as proof. Refrain from bringing topics from other RPs here as well.
5. Please ensure that all parties have consented to IC drama and appropriate threadwarnings (TW) are used.
6. Strictly no blatant facechasing, userchasing, godmodding, bullying, bubble roleplaying. Be inclusive and respectful of everyone. Do not talk to only your clique. Keep in mind that the IC chatroom is the in game chatroom so only virtual actions are permitted. Keep all OOC convos out of IC rooms. Points in the OOC room will be switched off. The safeword is 'max repeal', anything pertaining to the topic MUST BE ceased.
7. to be done on walls or pms. Innuendos and jokes are fine but do not get carried away in the chat rooms.
8. Dating ban of 1 week. Move-in couples are allowed but please state so in your comments or application, otherwise it will be voided. All orientations welcomed. 
9. 3 strikes system; failure to adhere to our guidelines after 3 warnings will result in a kick and blacklist.
rules ▶ activity
1. Gain 20 pts within 24 hours of joining or your character will be deleted.
2. Inactivity set to 7 days. To clear your inactivity, gain 10 pts within 24 hours.
3. The inactive alert will only be sent twice. Wha'ts your favourite pokemon? Third time going inactive would result in an automatic kick.
4. Please complete your in game profile (trainer card) within 3 days of joining or you will get kicked. You’re also encouraged to do up a normal profile (ic & ooc facts) so that it’ll be easier to find rp partners!
5. Semi/Hiatus rules to be found and requested in this room.
rules ▶ faceclaim
1. Reservation lasts 24 hours.
2. Faceclaims must be at least 19 y/o.
Note: FC will only be considered 19 y/o after their bday has passed.
3. No Controversial, Deceased, Married, Content Creators, Internationals FCs, or those who have stated that they do not wish to be RPed.
4. Max 3 faceclaims per user. 
» 1st is free.
» 2nd requires an upvote and ad blog.
» 3rd requires your first 2 FCs to each have 100 pts and a thread.
5. You may claim up to 2 faceclaims from the same group if there is at least 9 members in the group.
6. CC rules to be found and requested in this room.
▶ FC's D.O.B:
▶ Timezone:
▶ Password:
about the rp
about the rp
"Game On!" is a VR game which allows you to escape into the world of Pokemon. All you have to do is put on your headset and dive into an alternate universe where you are no longer a celebrity. Everyone will meet as trainers and be given a chance to forge new friendships. Kick start on a new adventure and simply have fun catching pokemon, levelling up and battling each other!
Note: we will be using only Gen 1 pokemons.
Trainer Ash
Trainer Misty
Trainer Brock
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ClaesClayton 10 months ago
May I join?
SliPii 11 months ago
so this place is inactive?
kolorhado 1 year ago
u guys r still the random featured rp,,, LOLOLGKLFJF GO GAME ON
newbie24 1 year ago
congratulations on today's featured rp!!
homeboyz 1 year ago
game on with bae sumin of stayc!
ardere 1 year ago
sorry I'm late are there any starter Pokemon left or do I have to wait for next year
floraison 1 year ago
Leaving an upvote and favorite for you uwu
preciosa 1 year ago
hello! i reserved yeji and i was wondering if i could get an extension to apply ;;
finalcopy 1 year ago
Totally going to join, but I'm curious about something.
deceptive 1 year ago
game on with kim mingyu of seventeen!
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