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Only One King - Jung Youth

They started disappearing — No one knows why or where they disappeared to. South Korea woke up to chaos. Their citizens' beloved idols are disappearing with every new day. You didn't believe it at first, thinking it was a hoax, all until it was your turn. You went to bed as normal, nothing was amiss. But when you opened your eyes, things were different yet the same? There's a new world, new abilities, new opportunities, but something is different. Something is off. And everyone that was reported missing are all here, except, they're different too. And so are you.


Wake up to a new world where things are different now! Did you lose your strong vocal talents? Your ability to dance? Did you gain a new set of fluffy ears? Discovered an acquired taste for blood or brains? Are you able to shapeshift? Harness the abilities of water? There's no discovering what's different until you get out there and find out!



i. Favorite the rp! Read the application process fully.
ii. All orientations welcome. No dating ban and move ins allowed, but no pregnancies and kids. I will abort your imaginary kids :)
iii. No facechasing, ooc drama, formations of cliques, god modding, death, etc.
iv. Activity set to 5 days, 3 strikes about anything and you're out.
v. You have creative control over your character and what they woke up in the new world with. Fairies, vampire, ghost, zombie, disabled, blue eyes, shorter, taller, werewolves, cat hybrids, etc. NOTE: no deities, demons, etc from any religion, no changes to mental state/memories. This is subject to change.
vi. Up to 2 characters for now, 2nd one available once you reach 50pts. Only k-idols and those within the k-industry for now.
vii. Rated content stays in rated room, follow rules stated in each room.
viii. We do encourage roleplaying so please limit the amount of crack, but of course no need to go full literate in the main chat.
ix. Have fun.


Application Process

i. You will be notified once your character is up. That is the countdown to the 24 hours reservation.
ii. Once 24 hours is up, your character is free for grabs for anyone unless you notify an admin.
iii. You can only hold your character for 3 days.
iv. no problematic/deceased faceclaims.

Name: Lee Jihoon
Age: 00
Password: what is your character not allowed to CHANGE INTO?
Changes: What changed regarding your character/faceclaim? THIS IS WHERE YOU WOULD TELL ME IF THEYRE NOW A FAIRY, VAMPIRE, TALLER, ETC

iv. Once accepted, you must have a display picture up within 24 hours.
v. A simple profile, just words if that's all you can do, up in 7 days.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this new world? — It's an exact replica of our current world except the people here are different. Most of them are not human and they know who your idol is. Some may be fans. So yes, your idol is still famous here.

Does my faceclaim still have memories of the old world? — Yes, nothing has changed mentally, in their memories or anything. There are physical changes but that is all.

What if my idol has a kid? — Well the kid is definitely left behind in the other world cause the kid definitely didn't isekai with the idol.

What if my idol wants kids? — No.

I have other questions. — Please pm main admin Jihoon.


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16 • 2022


Status: Open

Universe: semi-AU

POV: semi-lit Multi-Pov

Wrting Style Multi-Lit

Rating 18+


❝ there's something different about everyone here.

Total Members: 12

Females: 03

Males: 09

Newest Member: Full Name (Age 00)


LEE jihoon






Kim Mingyu




Event Manager





Following Faceclaims are wanted — List will be updated appropriately if listed faceclaim is currently facing serious allegations or haved unfortunately passed

❤ Most Wanted

❤ Full Name
Full Name




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pinkcrayon 11 hours ago
hello ^^ requesting to return as song kang pls
TaeKook 2 days ago
Song Mingi or Park Seonghwa
0e89d3b6efbdaec7b041 1 week ago
hello I have a question if you don't mind!
Sinbad 1 week ago
Hi! Could I have Christian Yu added and reserved please? Also does mentioning I got recommended by a fellow member give them any bonus points? lol
swtner 1 week ago
could I have choi jongho as my second please?
venti-- 1 week ago
may i have jennie from blackpink?
timoti 1 week ago
may i reserve choi yeonjun? :D
FxxxUmonster27 1 week ago
Heyoooo can I reserve Vernon?
TheHermit 1 week ago
Could I please have Yoon Sanha added?
mintyjade 1 week ago
Eunhyuk/Lee Hyukjae please?
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