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secret secret

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secret secret is an nonau rp that  will not be advertised. the only way people can join is if they stumble upon the rp itself, or if we someone sends an invite to a friend of theirs. we want to see how an rp will go if we do not have a bunch of blog posts advertising us. so if you have made it here, welcome to our secret hideout!

est. 21 sep 2022
roleplay trivia
roleplay trivia

rules & guidelines

ONE do NOT advertise this rp on blogs! we allow sharing the link with friends or who you want to see join, but that is the only way to advertise

TWO favoriting the rp is a must, upvotes are optional but appreciated. comment below the full name and stage name of your desired faceclaims!

THREE faceclaims must be 19 or older. any idols that are deceased, married, problematic, or not willing to be rped are banned! max of five faceclaims per user, the second requiring an upvote, the third requiring all charas to have 300, the fourth requiring all charas to have 600, and the fifth requiring all charas to have 1k. users must have an account for a month to join! you can have two charas from the same group if there are 8 or more members!

FOUR inactivity is set to 7 days. you will get 2 warnings to get rid of the sign before you are kicked. if you need a hiatus or if you're leaving the rp, pm an admin! also, all characters must get 75 points in the first 24 hours or you will be counted as inactive! password is your favorite autumn activity.

FIVE keep rated chats or rping in rated rooms, walls, or pms. short references or innuedos are, but if somone is uncomofrtable, please refrain from continuing the talk.

SIX ooc drama is completely restricted. any form of harassment or bullying will immediately get you kicked. ic drama is allowed if agreed by both parties.

SEVEN there is a two week dating ban. move in couples are allowed. marriage is allowed after 2 months of dating. mpreg is not allowed.

EIGHT have fun and rp. we all love some crack but don’t get too hectic, we also love rping!


For any notes you may have about the rules and guidelines.


name: lee seoyeon

occupation: fromis_9

timezone: gmt-5

orientation: biual

birthdate + age: jan 22, 2000 + 22

password: in the rules!


For any notes you may have about joining or the application form.




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[comment deleted by owner]
spinelli 1 year ago
Justin huang plz
tabbycat 1 year ago
jung chaeyeon for me please
goldenlights 1 year ago
kang seulgi, please and thank you.
sxfthao [A] 1 year ago
「 c h e c k e d ! 」
- females: 18
- males: 22

「 comment the full name of your character! check our masterlist! 」
arcana 1 year ago
hirai momo please, thank you.
TaeKook 1 year ago
Lee Felix and Song Mingi please
snoopy 1 year ago
kim taehyung/v please
[comment deleted by owner]
pixieee 1 year ago
kang hyewon please!
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