Hocus Pocus ☾ ╲ a nonau during the spooky season ╲ [CLOSED]

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section ╱ infobox
spooky season is here and the Sanderson sisters is back! if you wanna join some fun, we welcome you to hocus pocus. WE promise we won't bite ;) 
section ╱ events
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section ╱ rules

Favorite is a must but upvoting is optional and very appreciated.


Before joining, all accounts that are 6+ months and older are allowed. If your account is private, please un-private it and allow at least 1 admin to verify.


All fcs has to be 21+. Internationals is allowed. Problematic, those who were involved in scandals, those who are married, and those who do not wish to be rped are prohibited.


Up to 3 characters are allowed. It won’t change so don’t even ask.
▹1st- Free
▹2nd- 500 points
▹3rd- All characters must have over 1k


All ualities are allowed. However, facechasing, godmodding, bullying, mpreg, and most of all occ drama are prohibited. The safe word is toast, if people didn’t see or ignore it, please pm us admins so we can put a stop to it. Ic drama is allowed to a certain degree, please make sure that consent is given on both ends. If nothing is resolved, please don’t hesitate to come to us admins in the pms so we can find a solution together.


Only one member per group.


No move in couples allowed. Dating ban is 1 week.


1 cc per month until it renews every 1st of the month. No temporary ccing.


The inactivity sign pops up after 7 days. Us admins will send a warning and after 24 hours of not responding in the rooms to take off the inactive sign, you will be removed.


▹Semi-Hiatus- 2 weeks
         ▹Hiatus- 1 month
If you need an extension, please the the admins know. If your semi/hiatus ended, us admins will give you a warning to respond in 48 hours or you will be kicked out but you’re always welcome to come back!


If you get reported ( to anyone who reports about someone, please have a picture of actual proof ), you only get one warning. If you get reported with actual proof the 2nd time, you’re kicked out without a warning.​


And lastly, Please make sure to welcome everyone and be kind to others. If you need anything (someone to talk to or if you ever feel uncomfortable) please do not hesitate to talk to any of the admins.​​​


When you join, please state your faceclaim’s full name in the comment section. Your faceclaim will be reserved for 24 hours. After you join, you need 86 points in 24 hours or you’ll be kicked out but you’re always welcomed back.​​​​​ since the application section is short as , the pw is restate one of the rules, not rule #1, #2, #4, #6-#8,#12, #11,  and #13,  i won't let y'all get something easy xD

section ╱ application
full name
pw: look at #13 
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honeypie 7 months ago
Lee Ahin please!
pickles 7 months ago
pls add boran kuzum pls
SeHYUNG 7 months ago
Hwang Hyunjin please if he’s free
tsireya 7 months ago
hwang yeji pls!
ApplePieCrumble 7 months ago
Park Chanyeol or Lee aka schrodingerlee
mahogany 7 months ago
might i snag park jimin please
faerielights 7 months ago
can I get oanh nguyen~
jwisung 7 months ago
park jisung pls
[comment deleted by owner]
badomens 7 months ago
lalisa manoban pls <3
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