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kintsugi  金継ぎ
kintsugi  金継ぎ
kintsugi  金継ぎ
the beauty is in the brokenness.
the scars are the design. your attention is drawn to the cracks and how they are mended. that is what you're supposed to see. the beauty is in the brokenness.
— justin whitmel earley
hybrid semi-au
since 04.10.2022
men: 21
women: 10
status: open & accepting
our admin team
han jisung
main admin
u/n: seonghwa
mori koyuki
u/n: devilry
han jisung
age + d.o.b:
22 + 14.09.2000
stray kids
hybrid, red squirrel
look for it
gold dust
nct 127 — 2 baddies
about kintsugi
the life of the rich and famous isn't all that it's cracked up to be. most who pursue that lifestyle have a different image in their heads about what to expect. no one plans for sasaeng fans, vicious rumors, and the constant threat of dispatch journalists who could end their career over a case of rbf... right? unfortunately, it comes with the territory and the fans who are ultimately responsible for the checks often have little to no sympathy.
someone once said there's no rest for the wicked, so what did you do in a past life to get here now? it doesn't matter in this life if you're part animal or all human—everyone owns a camera and somehow it seems like they're all pointed at you.
enter kintsugi, a "quaint," gated-community. it's for those who are either wealthy enough to buy their way in, famous enough to be invited, well-connected enough to be someone's plus one, or brave enough just to sneak in and act like they belong. it's a quiet home, or home away from home, for those who need a place to be free to be themselves away from the limelight... and perhaps to their wounds.
last updated: 04.10.2022
rules & regulations
favorite the roleplay before commenting. upvotes are appreciated but not required. check the masterlist before reserving. reservations only last 48 hours.
due to the mature nature of the roleplay, all face claims must be 19+ and ooc you must be 18+ in order to join and rp. this is non-negotiable.
people who are married, deceased, or who do not wish to be roleplayed are not allowed. convicted and controversial face claims are also not allowed.
comment the full name of the character and if they will be a human or hybrid when making a reservation. you may have 7 characters as of now. the first 2 are free. in order to obtain a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and/or 7th character, you must upvote the roleplay. the admins reserve the right to increase the limit in the future.
inactivity is set to 7 days. if the inactive sign appears, you will be given 2 warnings. you must clear the inactive sign within 48 hours of the warning. characters going inactive a 3rd time will be removed.
when requesting any accommodations, (additional characters, rooms, hiatus, etc.) be sure to go to the room pertaining to your request, read the rules, and tag management.
there is nodating ban in place and move-in couples are welcome. if joining as part of a move-in, please include the name of your partner and your date(s) at the end of your application. additionally, all pregnancy is allowed (including mpreg and fpreg) but we ask that you not discuss the topic in chat rooms.
we ask everyone to be inclusive. not all people will get along, and messages can be easily missed in a fast chat. however, bubble roleplaying will not be tolerated.
ooc drama is not tolerated. if there is an issue that cannot be handled privately, we ask that it be brought to the attention of the admins to be dealt with accordingly.
ic drama is encouraged in your private threads, when roleplaying a controversial or potentially triggering act or topic, you must have the consent of your partner first and tag the top of all posts.
the chat rooms are a place for everyone to gather. if you feel uncomfortable, we ask you to use the safeword, platinum. the topic(s) being discussed should be changed immediately: no questions, no harassment.
if the rp itself is slow while you are rping in private rooms (e.g. character residences), please be kind and post in a public room as well so that people are not redirected to your private threads on entering the rp: especially if your thread is nsfw or nsfl. this is a courtesy. the password is your favorite gemstone.
the 1st breach of any of the above rules will result in an informal warning. this may be a general message from an admin in the chatroom. a 2nd infraction will result in a private, formal warning. you may be subject to removal after a 3rd offense. if the issue is severe enough, you may also be blacklisted and unable to return to the roleplay.
last updated: 08.12.2022
current events
reservations and applications are open to men and women once more. we still ask that you please bring more women!
kintsugi has officially opened its gates to new residents. please, come join us!
the description of the event will go here. write as much or as little as is needed in order to describe the event.
the description of the event will go here. write as much or as little as is needed in order to describe the event.
the description of the event will go here. write as much or as little as is needed in order to describe the event.
last updated: 20.10.2022


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sooyaaa_ 6 days ago
kim jisoo pls!
proud-shawol 1 week ago
yoo jimin pls
nezukochan 1 week ago
can i get twice's jihyo added and reserved please.
proudshikshin1 1 week ago
May i get dreacatcher handong as a hybrid please? ^^
cheesecake92 1 week ago
I saw the blog post for needing more women

Lemme post here

Then reply on a better device soon
Pressdeletus 2 weeks ago
Hi! Are international allowed?
mogwai 3 weeks ago
reserve jeon soyeon for me? ty
evakpop 4 weeks ago
hello! may i please get jung wheein (mamamoo)?
swtner 1 month ago
a&r lee sunmi pls!
riaaaa 1 month ago
may I reserve kim go eun?
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