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nocturne city

About The Roleplay

Set in an alternate universe, where creatures of all shapes and sizes roam free and are known, is Nocturne City. Located in this alternate South Korea, it is one of the many cities in the world where all species are welcome, whether they come from the land, see or sky.

A place where winged creatures fly to their destinations, some swim across the sea, and some teleport across vast distances. The possibilities are endless, but of course, there are some humans in the mix too. Many come to Nocturne to experience belonging and a feeling of being welcomed by all. Peace is a given here and there aren't many incidences where the police can't handle it.

The day and night are both just as busy and full of life as the other, and you will never be truly bored. From the bustling city to the grand mountains to the vast ocean, Nocturne is a place where many come and eventually stay.

One of the protectors of the city is none other than Park Seonghwa, High Warlock of Nocturne. He has become extra vigilent in his efforts to make sure Nocturne is a safe place for all with its growing population... and the sense that something else is coming...

Rules and Guidelines

01 : Make sure to favourite the RP. Upvote is optional but always appreciated. Comment who you want down below in the comments after checking the Masterlist. Reservations last for 72 hrs. You can reserve up to 3 FCs the first time.

02 : All orientations, ualities & nationalities allowed. FCs must be 18+ international age and verifiable online. All characters must also be 18+ IC. You can age down to 20 but no younger, and can up up to 10 years in terms of physical age. Banned muses include problematic, deceased and those who have said they do not wish to be RPed.

03 : Relationship ban is for one week after joining. Move-in couples are allowed but please state this in applications.

04 : No OOC drama. IC drama is fine as long as all parties involved consent. The RP is not a rated one, but there are rooms that are rated M. Keep anything rated in the rated rooms, walls & pms. All personal apartments/houses will be rated unless asked.

05 : Inactivity is set to THREE WEEKS because I'm feeling generous lol. Please PM Admin Seonghwa regarding semi-hiatus and hiatus. PM if leaving.

06 : You will receive WARNINGS for the following: causing and continuing ooc drama; nonconsensual ic drama; rping nsfw content in the wrong rooms; becoming inactive. You will be REMOVED for the following: not responding within 48hrs of an inactive warning; not responding to warnings in general; receiving more than 2 strikes against your name.

07 : After you apply, you will have 48 hrs to upload a pfp and small profile with basic info on it. Please have a total of one active thread with 3 replies from yourself or 30 IC chat posts within two weeks of joining.

08 : Other than that, enjoy! Rules will change or be added if and when necessary.

How to Join / Application Form

01 : Make sure to read all of the available information, and feel free to ask questions if you're confused.

02 : Understand and follow the rules.

03 : Remember to favourite!

Application Form

FC Name:

IRL / IC Age (Phys + Actual): (e.g. 24 // 30 / 200)


Powers: (does not apply for humans)

Weaknesses: minimum 2
Occupation: i.e. Hotel Owner or Bartender, etc.

Short Bio: 3 or more sentences

Who brought you here: if applicable

Password: Timezone + summarise 2 rules



Main Admin.
GMT + 11











open as of 07 oct 2022


fantays supernatural au rp




Total / 062


male / 044

female / 018


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LonerKei 1 day ago
Can you please add Ariana Grande?
BlackRose21 4 days ago
Dropped Baekhyun
I honestly wished I could keep up.
TheHermit 2 weeks ago
Could I please get Linghe back if you still have him deactivated unu
willothewisp 2 weeks ago
kim hyungseo please
villanelle 3 weeks ago
can I please get Michael B. Jordan as a 3rd? O u O
Yukiko 3 weeks ago
could i get scarlett johansson as my second?
Kaworu 1 month ago
can i please have kurumi toa?
villanelle 1 month ago
can I pls get Lauren German as a second? O u O
saorsa 1 month ago
gonna leave a fave + upvote while I debate if I have the time to join + who as =u=

(I'm not vibing too much with the face claims on the list, does anybody have any face claim or character connection wants that aren't on the wishlist or the connections room?)
Keepyouwarm 1 month ago
Elizabeth Olsen or Im Jinah.
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