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Midnight Voyage。
Midnight Voyage。
Basic Info
opened December 23 2022
self-paced nonau rp
status: open & accepting
featured on 14 Jan 2023
about the roleplay
Midnight Voyage welcomes you! Here you'll find an opportunity to kick back, relax, and have fun in the fictional Midnight City。 Each resident is gifted with a personal pet Koi upon arrival。 We strive to be a laid-back place where everyone feels safe and accepted。 As such, we are also considered a self-paced place, as major activity is not a requirement here。 So come on in and join our little corner of paradise。
one ╱ favorite the roleplay before reserving。 upvoting is mandatory for a second character but is always appreciated。
two ╱ make sure to check the masterlist。 to make searching easier, you can press control+f (or find on page) and then type in the name you're looking for。 if a name is not there then they are available unless they are a banned muse。 if you need help deciding on a muse, be sure to check out our wishlist or ask in the comments。
three ╱ banned muses fall under the following criteria: those that are deceased, those that have committed or are under investigation for serious crimes, those that have asked that they not be roleplayed (not to be confused with catfishing), those that are under the international age of 20, and those whose age cannot be verified。 if you are unsure if your muse falls under any of these simply ask an admin。
four ╱ all orientations, gender identities, ethnicities and nationalities including outside of Asia are welcome and encouraged here。 actors, models, YouTubers, ulzzangs, cosplayers, streamers, and other social media influencers are also welcome as long as they do not fall under the banned criteria。
five ╱ to reserve your character, simply comment with the full name of your muse along with their stage name if they have one, their real-life group or occupation, and their real-life age。 if your muse does not have their full name public (as is often the case with cosplayers and streamers), that is fine as long as they do not fall under the banned criteria。 reservations last for 72 hours with extensions available upon request for an additional 48 hours。
six ╱ there is currently no character limit。 however, you may not have more than two muses from the same group if the member count is 5 or less。 you may not have more than three muses from the same groups with 6+ members。 your first two characters are free。 your third character can be acquired after upvoting the roleplay。 fourth characters and up can simply be requested。
seven ╱ ooc drama will not be tolerated under any circumstances。 this includes but is not limited to creating an uncomfortable atmosphere in any way, discrimination, godmodding, chasing of any kind, and bubble roleplaying。 this roleplay is meant to be a safe space where everyone feels welcome and comfortable。 in addition, while we acknowledge the inevitability of cliques within roleplays, we kindly ask that all members of our community do their best to refrain from participating in clique behavior。 violators of this rule will receive one strike, with a second strike of any kind resulting in the removal of the roleplayer and their characters as well as being blacklisted from the roleplay。 the safeword is "orange bonbon"
eight ╱ if there is an issue of any kind with another member of the roleplay, please speak privately and civilly among yourselves to try and resolve the issue。 however, you may reach out to an admin to act as a mediator and neutral party if necessary。 if you have any complaints, concerns, or other issues regarding the roleplay, its characters, and/or its users, please pm an admin。 you must provide sufficient evidence of your concern via screenshots (though admins will accept a copy and past of the conversation or incident if necessary)。 depending on the topic, you may be asked to suggest a solution to the issue if there is one。 this is because, at the end of the day, the admins are human and are not perfect, and therefore the solution they decide on (if any) to solve an issue may not always be as effective as another or even work at all。
nine ╱ despite not allowing minors, this is NOT a mature or roleplay。 as such, keep all NSFW content and threads to PMs, walls, and rated rooms。 in addition, please try to limit suggestive topics and content in the main chat room。 there are plenty of other rooms you can freely discuss such topics and share such content。
ten ╱ inactivity is set to 12 days。 if found inactive, you will be given one warning and 24 hours to become active again or request a hiatus in the hiatus room。 failure to do so will result in the removal of your character。 if the admins notice that you are only posting just enough to not go inactive but are otherwise not participating in the roleplay, you will be seen as character-hogging and removed。 characters that join and never post will be removed after a week。 if you go inactive 3 times in a row, you will be removed without warning。 if you have more than one character and it gets removed for inactivity, you will have to prove your activity before gaining the character back。
eleven ╱ there is a dating ban of 2 weeks from when you are accepted into the roleplay。 move-in couples are allowed, however, both partners must state they are a move-in when they apply or the dating ban will apply。 pregnancy, adoption, and surrogacy are allowed with consent from all parties and admin notification。 pregnancies will last 7-9 real-life weeks with each week equaling 1-month ic。 however, this timeframe is exclusive to pregnancies and does not affect the rest of the roleplay。 this is just so that characters aren't pregnant for 9 months in real-time。 fempreg and mpreg are currently allowed。
twelve ╱ if leaving the roleplay, do not leave a comment。 instead, pm an admin。 if you leave without notifying an admin, we reserve the right to blacklist you。 regardless of if you leave on your own or are removed for inactivity, you may return to the roleplay (unless already blacklisted) up to 4 times before becoming blacklisted。
full namejung jaehyun
stage name...
d.o.b + age14 feb 1997
passwordsafeword + summarize 3 rules




female name
male name
alexaundra schneiderman
Main Admin
管理 : admin
管理 : admin
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管理 : admin
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管理 : admin
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keepitpg 2 weeks ago
na jaemin, nct, 23
— thanks!
babygirlx_ 3 weeks ago
ning yizhuo, aespa, 20
please and thank you. <3
kagaki 3 weeks ago
may i reserve miyawaki sakura, le sserafim, 25?
pickles 4 weeks ago
knock knock
killbill 1 month ago
kim sunwoo, tbz, 23
thank you
adamos 1 month ago
byeon wooseok, actor, 31
kaeya- 1 month ago
chu sojung, wjsn, 27
please and thank you!
nemoli 1 month ago
lee taeyong, nct, 27
please and denkyu!
puppup 1 month ago
Oliver moy por favor ❤️
finalcopy 1 month ago
I'd like to reserve two chara's please and thank you!
They would be Lalisa Manoban and Choi Soobin if that's alright?
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