GONΕ DAYΣ | Enroll Now!! Classes begin today! Don't be late! Haul !! THE TEA IS HEATIN UP AND IT'S PARTY SEASON! LESGOOO

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Gone dayZzzz...
Something something something dark side. Something something classes.
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new au rp. join at your own risk.
basic info.
they told me to write an essay on the school to post on the website and the only requirements were that it was 500 words and clear of any explicit language.   here at nowhere university, you can recieve your education and have a bussling social life while learning new things about yourself. now, they aren't really monitoring this post so we're just gonna fill the rest of this in with the first things that come to my mind cause I have practice in half an hour and a billion other assignments that need turning in...

welcome to our very special school where the students are doing... student things and our teachers are teaching and the buildings are... built. the cafeteria is by far the best place on campus and the parties are always lit. yours truly performs top of his class which just means that the schedules get shorter and the partying gets longer. you can find me usually hanging around SKZ Frathouse and yes i am single and ready to mingle. 

well that's all for now but if you really wanna know about our campus, apply, enroll, join us in our fun and find out what it's all about for yourselves. seeya round!
h. jisung
rules & guidlines.
we're just gonna spit these to you guys nice and simple.

you must favorite but you don't have to upvote or anything unless you're down for us like that. this places is here for a good time not a long time but don't get ahead of yourselves. we're the most leniant and chill admins but we have limits and wrong is wrong and we call it out every time.
1. we accept all nationalities and orientations but be careful of your fc for people who may not want to be rped, are married orare underaged in real life.  we do not except fc under 18.
2.all ic drama must be consented upon by all parties and come with warnings for those around you. no ooc drama, period or you will be dropped faster than you can say whodoneit.
3.if you need anything fromthe admins such as hiatus or leaving or ccing charas, tago r pm us. leave it out of the comments.
5.no relationship bans cause we don't care and who really takin college relationships serious.... anyway as long as there is no drama and mature topics are kept i rated areas and you don't facechase cause we'll call you out.
5. involve everyone. for the love of god. do your best. make friends, hang out, help people with their homework. just try.
6. no pregnancies or marriaage. simple.
7. be friendly. be chill. be yourself. don't cause problems. have fun.
8. ask if you have questions. we are here to help!
h. Jisung
ball is life- team capt.
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full namehuang rejun
grade levelyr. 2 sophomore
Position/ClassProfessors/staff only
passwordwhat was your highschool gpa?
est. 2017
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wanheda 4 days ago
yoon keeho please
Shady92 1 week ago
well this plan did NOT go to plan

Also hallo
deceptive 1 week ago
kim jongin please
kdnxtdoor 1 week ago
Hi~ Can I get Jaehyun please, thanks
dd0938d11425e450291a 2 weeks ago
son chaeyoung pls!
tomodachigame 3 weeks ago
hey there, i have a mini question.
i have an idea about my faceclaim but i need help with choosing his staff position.
can you help me with that?
Sinbad 3 weeks ago
I'm seeing two admins I wrote with before manning their own place. Sending you guys love w/ an upvote. ♥
xShockWave 3 weeks ago
hey can i get jung soyeon reserved?
jellynuts 3 weeks ago
leo wang please ♡
upsidedown 3 weeks ago
ive been eying this place for a while but not sure who to join as, who do y'all wanna see?
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