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If you dance, I'll dance

And if you don't, I'll dance anyway

Give peace a chance

Let the fear you have fall away.

I've got my eye on you

I've got my eye on you

Say yes to heaven
Say yes to me
Say yes to heaven
Say yes to me

If you go, I'll stay
You come back, I'll be right here
Like a barge at sea

rules °✦
favouriting the roleplay is required before entry. while upvoting isnt necessary, it is greatly appreciated. 
absolutely NO ooc drama- that includes bullying and harassing. if there's any issues between you and another user, pm an admin to get the issue resolved. the admins have the right to decline you entry if you're known for causing drama around the site. 
ic drama is allowed as long as both parties agree and is discussed.
ALL face claims MUST be 20+ years old to join. this helps insure there is absolutely NO ualization of minors.
do not request fc's that are deceased, problematic or have asked to not be roleplayed.
let's keep all rated topics in their respective areas (rated room, pms, walls or personal rooms). but must be kept in personal rooms, walls and pms
you are allowed up to 4 face claims. 
1st is free
2nd requires an upvote
3rd is an advertisement blog
4th is at least 300pts on your 3rd.
you must all your face claims active! you only get one inactive warning on your muses before removal, which at that point they are up for grabs. the pw is your favourite time of day. you may have 2 fc's from the same group as long as the group is 8+ members.
no face chasing, user chasing, bubble rping, cliques, bullying, godmodding, harassment or ignoring of anyone.
i understand posts get eaten and things get overlooked but let's do our best to make everyone feel welcomed here. pls try to talk to everyone whenever we can.
any and all requests should be directed to the request room under the ADMIN section. tag the admins to ensure your request is seen and taken care of within a timely manner. there is a hiatus room as well, tag the admins there if you need a semi-hiatus or a full hiatus. 
that ugly inactive sign pops up after 7 days of inactivity. as stated before, you will get one warning before you are removed from your fc. you are more than welcome to return to us, but it's not a guaranteed your fc will be available. 
if you need to leave the rp for any reason, please PM the head admin. do not comment on the roleplay. thank you <3
move in couples are welcomed here! just state it within your application with who you are moving with. and dont forget to tag the admins in the couples room as well.
pregnancy is also welcomed but mpreg and fpreg are not.
lastly, let's all have fun here. i want each and every person who joins to enjoy their stay here with us, let's all do our best to ensure that, ok? 
apply °✦
age (20+)


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Jigeum 1 month ago
Can i get Choi Taeyang aka Theo from P1harmony please?
terabyte 1 month ago
park sunghoon please and thank you!
tsireya 1 month ago
kim minjeong (winter) please
chocolategalaxy 1 month ago
Hello, can I add and reserve fromis_9 Park jiwon please? Thank you.
swtner 1 month ago
a&r nakamoto yuta and itzy lia please!!
hypeboy 1 month ago
lesserafim’s kim chaewon please
mimodreams 1 month ago
can i get soloist, kim miso? :3
veryoldjeans 1 month ago
kim taehyung (v) pls!
de96324680a6969 1 month ago
choi beomgyu plz
sweetmirage 1 month ago
may i have xiao dejun please?
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