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width must be 562; height can be 456 or more
width and height must be 54

shooting star


all these shooting stars in the dark, make a wish.
taking off from the ground, it's amazing. so outta this world, i'm in space. now i'm going up, headin' to the stars.



established on 04/16/23



non au roleplay






allows all orientations



of shooting star

width must be 72; height can be 853 or more





width must be 72; height can be 85 or more







Shooting Star has officially opened! Looking to let everyone settle in before introducing our first event soon.





about shooting star

width must be 240; height can be 80 or more

take a trip to space with us here at our cozy home, where the true star is you ♥

shooting star is a nonau rp, self paced and home for the soft but slightly chaotic people to have an enjoyable time together. inclusivity is our priority and our goal is to run a place that everyone feels welcomed in. events are scheduled to run on a regular basis as well as game nights and more. let's make fun memories together!


shooting star








general guidelines

rule 01

favorite the roleplay before applying. do not ask for face claims that are problematic, married, deceased, or have asked for people to not rp as them.

rule 02

second character is permitted with an upvote, third with an ad blog, fourth characters with a collective of 800 points, fifth with 1200 points combined between all alts. sixths with 3500 points.

rule 03

one account per person, if you are found with characters across multiple rpr accounts you will be removed and blacklisted.

rule 04

all races and orientations are allowed. move in couples are allowed. currently no pregnancies within the rp but this may change in the future.

rule 05

do not ualize minors, you will be removed and blacklisted if you do. the password is to summarize one guideline rule, and one activity rule.

rule 06

no ooc drama. don't talk about other rps, in respect to both rps and anyone involved. ic drama is permitted if it doesn't get out of hand.

rule 07

dm anyone on the admin/mod team if you have any troubles, we are here to help and create a warm environment. we want the best for those who join!



activity rules

rule 01

inactivity is set to 6 days, once that inactive mark shows up you will be given 24 hours to post (in chat not on your wall). failure to do this will have you removed.

rule 02

we ask for you to not hog face claims. if you go inactive immediately after going inactive before you will be given no warning and removed.

rule 03

if you are in need of a hiatus please see the designated room and tag Chisa or suzy to get put on the list. further rules on hiatuses are in the room, please read it.



how to join us

width must be 240; height can be 80 or more

— note  comment the full name of the character you are wanting reserved. if they have a stage name you want included please state so as well. 

application form

character name

character age







our management

width and height must be 46


main admin | gmt -7

width and height must be 46


Co-admin | gmt -5

width and height must be 46


moderator | gmt +2

width and height must be 46


moderator | gmt +8

width and height must be 46


moderator | gmt +8


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Jigeum 4 hours ago
Can i get Jung Wheein from mamamoo please?
lapine 3 days ago
aa, it's been a super long while but i missed you all! have a fun summer, cuties < 3
Imagrumpycat 3 days ago
min yoongi pls
chxnel 5 days ago
kim taehyung please
Midorin 1 week ago
hi! can I have twice's Yoo Jeongyeon please? <3
shinmenu 1 week ago
kawaguchi yurina please?
espiaI [A] 1 week ago
-ˋˏ✄ checked!
incendium 1 week ago
can i get suh johnny pls?
415713ef8bead0c96786 1 week ago
can i get teen top’s lee chanhee (chunji) pls
colazero 1 week ago
can i get mino pleaseu
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