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all ori
intls too
crack & lit
a place with no name。
we're open! [may 4th 2023]
first mini event: a week at the beach [may 13th - may 19th]
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Hidden deep in roleplay valley, there lies a wondrous place known mysteriously as ' The Place With No Name '. on some days, it can be seen in broad daylight while other times it's a location that only the luckiest discover. For those of you who haven't visited us yet, ' The Place With No Name ' is a gathering of actors, musicians, influencers, youtubers, and more who come here with a purpose to exchange their boredom for long lasting entertainment provided by fellow citizens. With this, new friendships are formed as well as the spark of romance. Just who will you meet? who could sweep you off your feet? what kind of unforgettable memories will be made? by far those who have entered this place only had one suitable name for their new residency, and that, simply, is called home. 
o1. favoriting the rp is a must prior to applying. upvotes, hoever, are optional yet greatly appreciated.
o2. absolutely no ooc drama, non-consented ic drama, bubble roleplaying and bashing/bullying within the rp. apwnn aspires to be a safe, respectable, friendly and inclusive home for all it's occupants. all triggering content must be appropriately tagged and when in times of peak discomfort, our safeword is "  :ghost_emoji: " (because there's nothing scarier than certain conversations).
o3. 5 characters per head and per the request room's requirements. your first two are free, but no multiple faces from groups with less than 6 members. the following faceclaims are prohibited: minors under 20+, the deceased, the controversial and those who personally said not to be roleplayed. YOU GET TWO CC'S PER MONTH AND you have 48 hours to apply FOR YOUR CHARACTER(S).
o4. move in couples are welcomed (please state this in your app) and there's no dating ban for our singles. keep all explicit content to the appropriate locations. 
o5. inactivity is set to 7 days. you will get (1) warning that needs to be responded to within 24 hours to prevent being removed from the rp. if leaving, pm an admin! surprise! you found the password: share a random fact (you can use google). 
o6. pm an admin with any questions or concerns. if a rule is broken the person will get a warning. apwnn follows a three strike system; after the third strike the user will promptly be removed and banned from the rp. when issues arise, make sure to have proof for validation. 
- full name
- group
- orientation
- password 


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Ciel_versky 40 minutes ago
Park chanyeol please
bocchi 3 days ago
tbz’s son youngjae for me please
baesoo 4 days ago
oh yubin pls c:
cupnoodles 5 days ago
hihiii ! park jimin pls n thank
narcotic 6 days ago
could i get jeon jungkook please :0
chxnel 6 days ago
kim taehyung please
p___nut098 1 week ago
emma myers please n thank you !
swtner 1 week ago
ariana grande please!
mypace 1 week ago
may i request lee felix please?
vannie 1 week ago
kim jennie please?
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