。✧.°˖ ❛☾ ⋮ 𝐖𝐎𝐋𝐅𝐒𝐁𝐀𝐍𝐄 𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐓𝐈𝐓𝐔𝐓𝐄。 → a free-flowing supernatural university au rp ⋮ est. 231130 .°˖✧。

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section ╱ infobox
Standing tall at the precipice of the cliff’s edge, with towering spires and bell towers that pierce through the veil of the heavens themselves, it is a proud and formidable figure painted artfully against a carefully constructed backdrop of eerie purple skies and writhing trees, beautiful and dark and so very wrong. It overlooks the sprawling city nestled within the mountain valley, commanding all who dared look upon it to bow their head in absolute submission.

whether you're a young witchling looking to enhance your magical prowess or a vampire youngling looking to hone your abilities and learn how to properly live among humans, we will provide you with the tools and resources necessary for you to succeed.

this is wolfsbane institute┊ ˚ ✎ 。˚
run by admin taemin
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rules & guidelines

wolfsbane institute is an alternative universe roleplay set in a fictional location during an ambiguous time period. this is not a non-au roleplay and will not be treated or marketed as such. make sure you understand that before proceeding forward


favoriting the roleplay is required for admission to the institute. however, the admins also reserve the right to withdraw your application at any time at their discretion if you are known to have caused problems for other users in the past.

reservations will last for 48 hours. after that, you'll have to ask to have that faceclaim saved again.


international faceclaims as well as your typical korean idol faceclaims are allowed here as this is a global institution. all faceclaims must be 20 years of age or older in real life. you are free to tweak your faceclaim's age as you see fit so long as they remain above 20 years old.

all applicants must be 18 years or older to join this roleplay, as it will contain mature and problematic themes throughout.

We currently do not allow the  usage of the following faceclaims:

1) faceclaims who are deceased
2) faceclaims who have explicitly stated that they do not wish to be roleplayed
3) faceclaims that have any sort of criminal charges tied to their names or have been involved in things like drug scandals or ual assault charges

Note: ulzzangs, models, and influencers are permissible to roleplay as long as they are above 20 years old.


you are allowed to have up to three faceclaims (four if you pre-registered). the first is free with your initial reservation. the second requires you to upvote the roleplay and post an advertisement blog. the third requires you to have a total of four ongoing threads (that is 2 threads per character) with other people. you are expected to be active on every single faceclaim you wish to have. failure to do so will result in expulsion from the institute.

note: using an alternative account to bypass these restrictions will result in an immediate expulsion from the institute. you will be blacklisted and your characters will be deleted and freed up for another user to claim. this is non-negotiable.


while this rp is pretty self-paced, inactivity will be set to 19 days and there will be periodic activity checks. you will be given one activity warning and 36 hours to remove the sign before you are removed from the institute. additionally, failure to complete an activity check results in an immediate ban. we will not be announcing when the checks happen so make sure you are active for your partners. you are not permitted to post on your own wall to remove inactivity warnings.

if you need to take a hiatus for any reason, contact the admins or submit a request in the hiatus room. if you intend to leave the institute, please pm an admin. the password is the chatroom safe phrase. we understand that you are all very busy, and sometimes you will not have the time to roleplay, but it is no more than common courtesy to remain partially active for your partners if you choose to be here.


upon joining, you should have a display picture for your character set up. within your first week, you should have a basic profile set up (no fancy layouts are necessary here. just basic information so people can more easily connect with you). by your fifteenth day, you should have at least one active thread going.


we do not allow userchasing, facechasing, ship chasing, or bubble roleplaying around here. This helps you to establish connections and create more unique threads with the others here, as well as form a bit of healthy ic drama. we thrive on multiple connections and being unapologetically open, meaning that whatever you roleplay with someone in one location could have direct consequences on your plots and relationships with other peoples' characters.

ooc drama is not tolerated here, nor do we allow any form of bullying or discrimination. we are all adults in this roleplay and the admins will expect you to act like it. if you happen to run into an issue with one of the other roleplayers, sort it out with them privately or talk discreetly with an admin. don't let your personal arguments bleed into the rp community.

do not interact with people who make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and do not ever feel like you are obligated to talk to everyone just because someone else is alright with doing it.


you are free to make your faceclaims as ed up and problematic or as sweet and innocent as you like. there really are no restrictions. just make sure you do not confuse ooc and ic, and understand that the roleplayers ooc are neither their faceclaims nor how they present their faceclaims to be in the context of the roleplay. (i.e. someone who plays a mean or problematic faceclaim is not inherently mean or problematic in real life.)

if you can't tell the difference between ooc and ic, or you take ic drama way too personally ooc, you probably shouldn't be roleplaying here, or roleplaying at all for that matter.


be mindful of the topics discussed in the general chatrooms in this roleplay. we don't want to see depressive rants or traumatizing details about the recent awful thing that happened to you out in the open on a daily basis. while we do allow for dark and mature or problematic themes during roleplay, we would like you to keep them out of the general chatrooms out of mutual respect for your peers.

if a topic being discussed in the chatrooms makes you uncomfortable or becomes too triggering, use the chatroom safe phrase "blooming in sunfire." once this phrase is used, all conversation regardting the current topic must be halted and you will move onto the next topic immediately. no questions asked. 

mature or triggering roleplay threads need to be agreed upon by all parties involved and appropriately marked as such at the beginning of your responses so that potential thread stalkers know what to expect. explicit ual and sensitive content stays in the designated rated rooms. failure to comply will result in a warning and a 72 hour grey listing. if you get a second strike, you will be removed permanently from the institute without a chance for reentry.


the admins have the right to add, remove, or tweak the rules as necessary. this is a very open and loose roleplay meaning you can do whatever you want within reason as long as you are not harming or disrespecting your fellow roleplayers. now good luck with your assignments and have fun!

section ╱ application
full name and IC age
vampire or witch (no hybrids)
and student or faculty
affinity/magical ability
timezone and writing style
password (check the rules)
admin╱ one
lee taemin
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admin here
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admin ╱ three
admin here
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admin ╱ four
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admin ╱ five
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FallenBloodyAngel 2 days ago
Could I be Jackson please
moonites 2 weeks ago
may i reserve kim seokjin as a vampire, please?
gemini_dotcom 1 month ago
may i reserve christian yu as a vampire please? :)
wonholic 1 month ago
i joined so late ;-; but can i reserve kim jisoo pls
Unholy 2 months ago
Dacre Montgomery please!
jamjari 2 months ago
could i have lee Youngji please!
everrosie_ 2 months ago
this looks so good! I already want two chara's LOL xD
But wanted to say as I try to think, great job on your rules list- I think through it you're going to vet out a great community here :)
BBVIPBaby 2 months ago
Sigh, what the heck
Lee soohyuk as a vampire please
bigboybbg 2 months ago
This is such a tough decision! I have a dark witch I'm dying to bring as probably faculty... But I also have another naive cute boy witch
raison_detre 2 months ago
stands and stares
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