✧. ┊🅲🅾🆁🅽🅴🆁🆂🆃🅾🅽🅴 🌃 ➶ 。˚❝ 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓬𝓪𝓷'𝓽 𝓼𝓲𝓽 𝔀𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓾𝓼 ⁽ʷᵉ'ʳᵉ ᶠᵃᵐᵒᵘˢ⁾ ° : a small (town styled semi) nonau welcoming new civilians every day! ♡

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established : 01/29/2024
roleplay type : semi non-au
male - female ratio : 11 - 15
feature date : 00/00/00
about us
are you tired of being chased by crazed fans? done with the paparazzi always being all up in your business? tired of having to always put on a disguise when all you want to do is just go out to get a cup of coffee or have fun with your friends? are you and your significant other done with having to keep your relationship on a down low as to not anger fans? well worry no more as we introduce you to the newest closed gated community exclusively for celebrities. a place where no worries will have to be considered as you'll be able to have the freedom to go out without having to wear a mask or hide your identity.

welcome to cornerstone, a place established and made for celebrities who truly wish for more privacy in their lives. here at cornerstone you'll be able to live in your own home without having to worry about disclosing your location to crazy fans. don't want to live alone? that's no problem! cornerstone also provides housing big enough for you and your other celebrity friends to live together (at a cost of course). even you couples will be given a home in which you'll be able to enjoy each other's company more. now that's not all we provide here at cornerstone. feel at ease as you walk down the street when you greet your neighbors, stop by the local cafe to get that cup of coffee, take a stroll in the beautiful park to enjoy the cool breeze, take a dip in our indoor or outdoor pool, and so much more!
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rule one ∷ favorite the roleplay. all user accounts must be at least two months old (we will be checking). reservations last up to 48 hours. no face claims under 20 years old (international age rule). all users must be at least 18+, if we find out you are a minor you will be removed from the roleplay with no warning.
rule two ∷ you must collect 50 points within 48 hours of being accepted into the roleplay (this rule also applies to additional characters) this is to ensure no one is character hogging.
rule three ∷ for the time being only 3 characters is allowed. 1st is free, 2nd requires an upvote, and 3rd requires a blog post + 300 points.
rule four ∷ unconsented ic & ooc drama, bubble roleplay, godmodding, metaing, character hogging, and bashing/bullying is prohibited. in the case of a conversation being genuinely triggering please use the safe word: " sos " (make sure it's in all caps)
rule five ∷ dating ban of two weeks with the exception of move in couples (please make sure you state so in your application of who your partner is and with the date of when you were formed).the password is your favorite song at the moment.
rule six ∷ inactive sign pops up after one week (7 days). you will receive a warning when you go inactive, unable to respond within in 48 hours results in being kicked. everyone is given a total of two inactive warning strikes. if you are unable to remain active after two warnings you will be removed from the roleplay and that specific character you were removed from will be put on a 72 hour lock for the user. it will still however be open to the public.
rule seven ∷ any and all conflicts should be dealt with privately between the involved parties. this goes for both ic and ooc. the only time you should contact an admin is if there is a struggle in resolution. (please make sure you have receipts/screen shots of the issue and conversation so we know you tried everything possible.)
rule eight ∷ if you need to go on a hiatus please make sure you tag the admins in the hiatus room. semi-hiatus = 1 week. full hiatus = 2 weeks. if you are leaving the roleplay please make sure you are pming an admin of your departure.
rule nine ∷ cornerstone will be abiding to the three strike system in regards to rules being broken. after your third warning you will be kicked and banned. please direct any questions to the admin team via pm.
name & stage name :
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password :
01.29.24 — cornerstone opens with friends only access!
02.21.24 — cornerstone officially opens to the public!
latest updates + events
00.00.00 — none at the moment!


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chodingfish 2 days ago
helo, may i get kim minjeong from aespa?
shxxhole 1 week ago
may I have my be’o back ?
jamjari 1 week ago
#18796 could I have lee youngji please!!
moonprism 1 week ago
#18796 — nakamura kazuha for me, please! thank you. < 3
kagaki 1 week ago
may i reserve miyawaki sakura?

crowdedhour 3 weeks ago
please readd zelo (choi junhong) for me, cheers!
unevenstars 3 weeks ago
hwang hyunjin please <3
Keepyouwarm 1 month ago
Kim Taehyung please
effloresce 1 month ago
may I have twice's minatozaki sana, please??
orbitinsomnia 1 month ago
May I have shen xiaoting from Kep1er pretty please?
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