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the b♂yfriend factory.

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Founded by 061614 on June 7, 2013, transferred ownership to whispers on July 13, 2014. Celebrated the roleplay's one year anniversary!


It is the year 2167, when Korea's technology surpasses those of China and the United States, of course technological improvements for the good of human uses. With the need and desire for even more improved necessities, it's no surprise that one person stands up among all to create the world's most advanced robot, or humanoid as he would like to call it. The creator continues to remain secretive with his personal self, however his products are very much well known for its complexity Shown to the public on the sixth of June, the first released bot was known to be 000 or simply Luhan as its name. It was flawless, it was beautiful, it was perfect. It had been situated in place, with its systems off as people ogled from behind the glass panes.

It was roughly three weeks later that the creator opened the requests for the loaning of the humanoid. Of course, the rent cost wasn't at all cheap. Around $1,000 a month was its pay and one year was the limit for each doll (that'll be one week in roleplay republic time). The first customer was a male of twenty eight years, life full of wealth and luxury so it was obvious that he'd pay top price for the creator's first made human-bot. Everything had been going well for a while, with the rich male doing whatever he wanted with 000 whether it was for comfort or , he did whatever he wanted. After all the robot wasn't going to complain. But things took a twist for the worst seven months in. 000 began showing signs of defection and more errors popped up. This gradually built up until the buyer was certain that model 000 was indeed broken hence was shipped back to the factory.

The Boyfriend Factory closed to look into the humanoid, all while delivering the other sent out models back to the original location. It remained closed for the next two years, and now, at 2168, the Boyfriend Factory opens once more to the eager public with new models and thoroughly improved systems that wouldn't malfunction easily. They far surpass the first model 000 of 2166, with waterproof parts, more human-like actions and feelings, 000 cannot compare with them. However, that doesn't necessary mean that Luhan was trashed, only remade. It still exists as the first boyfriend to be created.


Contact us for any inquiries!

Visit the Boyfriend Factory now or call us at 1(xxx)-xxx-xxxx! Order your boyfriend and he will be shipped to you the next day. Choose from our catalog, they won't disappoint! They are made to abid the buyer wants so they will never disobey. After all, they are your absolute boyfriends right?

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AlexCross 2 years ago
One of the first roleplays I joined when I first came to this site 5 years ago and I must say that my stay here was really memorable.
PurpleAnon 2 years ago
I hope this opens again. . . I wanna join here and I miss this. T_T
OriYaegie 3 years ago
I hope this will open soon. I'll wait for it^^
pxssionfruit 4 years ago
NAWH MAN! This place would have been so much fun!
whispers [A] 4 years ago
UPDATE STATUS // 10/13 21:37 GMT +1
thelittlemermaid 4 years ago
idol's name; park sooyoung/joy
age; 20
background; sooyoung was born and raised in the country, her whole life she surrounded by the typical hard work in the farm, however after her father died during a storm, little sooyoung had no where to go, the farm began to fall apart but she simply couldn't let go of it, until her very rich uncle appeared and took her to live in the city, claiming she no longer had a life in that "dump". with a heavy heart sooyoung bid goodbye to her old life and packed a suit case and went off to the city to live a life with better opportunities for her future. there was no other particular reason for purchasing a robot companion other than her curiosity and the need to feel someone's company and warmth, but who knows? perhaps even a country girl like her could learn something from these so called "robot boyfriends".
thelittlemermaid 4 years ago
I remember this place, if I remember correctly I joined as Irene and Jessica once but had to leave both times due to lack of time and inspiration but I've always kept this place under my favorites
if you are still accepting applications I'd love to join once again ^^
whispers [A] 4 years ago
UPDATED // 08/18 11:34 KST.
Jhopeexoticvip 4 years ago
Boa left. Thank you for having me.
SecretAgent 4 years ago
Are people here active, I want to apply.
which one in need now? Dolls or buyers?
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