❝Appa! Umma!❞( "아빠! 엄마!" ) - Accepting - NEED MOAR BOYS - BTS IS WANTED

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APPA! UMMA!     



»appa! umma!:from the makers of we got married and hello baby, we bring you appa! umma!a tv variety show that is guranteed to give you laughter, tears, and even mised emotions. appa! umma! also focus's on making idols&ulzzangs into family's.



      open //ACCEPTING


»admins: population - 6

beethoven | chaerin

gino1417 | chen






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homebody 7 years ago
add kyungsoo please

+can i be co-admin?
yexotic 7 years ago
Can you add Lauren Lunde (baby)? Thanks!

-lipsaddicter 7 years ago
Can you add ChanYeol (EXO) and Ilayda (baby)

+can I be co-admin (I can help you ad this rp)
polarlight 7 years ago
sica is leaving.
-TheRapper 7 years ago
Can you add Boyfriend's Minwoo? :)
rainbows 7 years ago
krystal is leaving.
Sunshiner 8 years ago
sorry, but I'm leaving and letting Kris be the main admin
I'm leaving rpr
Myungsoo_L_Infinite 8 years ago
Can u add Myungsoo from Infinite and reserve him for me?
sarangsarang 8 years ago
Can you add after school's nana please?
claustrophobic 8 years ago
Can you please add SNSD's Yoona to the master list? ( ^.^)
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