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Sarang  Academy


Feauturing INFINITE
Welcome to our school, yesh. Dating is allowed here, so as Teacher-Student / Student-Student, Marriage is also allowed here. Lovers or Singles learn here to find love also. What are you waiting for? You might find your love here.
The Most hottest people in da wurld
- Kim Myungsoo ( L ) - Head Admin - Single - ♥ Hello! L here. the pokerface visual of INFINTE. ♥ -
- Admin Name - place - status - bio -
- Admin Name - place - status - bio -
Explore the whole school
Under construction

Hello~! This is my first Roleplay ^o^ I know I at making names TT^TT
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Sarang  Academy


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happy-channie 6 years ago
applied as krystal :3
spoiledbbygrl 6 years ago
Can u add and reserve Park Sora a ulzzang for me? :)
chiyochichi 7 years ago
can you add Song AH Ri an ulzzang for me please??
-titania 7 years ago
Can you add and reserve Baek Sumin, an ulzzang, for me please?
kfashionlove 7 years ago
you add naeun and reserve her for me ?
fading 7 years ago
can you add and reserve Suzy from miss a for me?
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