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nam_ilsoo 5 years ago
kai left. sorry.
Happysmile 5 years ago
Kris is leaving
defygravity 5 years ago
krystal left
LittleWallflower 5 years ago
applied as luhan o u o
jianne 5 years ago
Applied as Yoona
GIZIBAE [A] 5 years ago
Hi guys! o u o
I was just wondering if any of you missed Rinnie or remembered this place? ; u ;
I just wanted to say, no, we're not completely dead yet, but kinda inactive because of the revamping going on so..i love you all o u o
and i'm still here!
HelloAgain 5 years ago
I'm so sorry but baekhyun is leaving, I had fun here though. Thank you for everything, bye bye!
dprian 5 years ago
Sulli is leaving :'(
juicyfruit 5 years ago
Kyungsoo ish leaving.
Im so sowy but school has taken my life away from me at the moment
koreanbbq 5 years ago
Jonghyun is leaving
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