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The Shadow World

a term used to define the part of the world Shadowhunters, Downworlders, and demons, among others live in, of which mundanes (humans) are ignorant of. Shadowhunters are naturally capable of seeing this world, but still need to be trained even slightly to see past strong glamours. Meanwhile, some mundanes are also naturally capable to see the shadow world is they have 'the Sight'


Hunters Moon

Hotel Dumort

The Institite




Welcome! Dear Shadowhunter, Downworlder, Demon, Mundane, or whoever you may be.

It Seems you have stumbled upon my world, our world, The Shadow World. Whether you were born with the  Sight, or given the Mark, it doesn't matter anymore, what does matter is,  now you know the truth, and you must fight to survive. in this world only the strong survive.

remember. don't let the glamour fool you.                    

The New York Institute





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alec-lightwood 3 years ago
Im Alec lightwood
Linguini 5 years ago
Name: Felix Zayn
Age: 39-40, stopped aging at 24
faceclaim: Kim Himchan
personality: With a mundane father and a mother that is the demon Hecate, who seduced his father when he was only thirteen (the is known to like toddlers...) Felix Zayn is proud to call himself a warlock, a downworlder and even to the dismay of many - a half-breed.

His father was half-Irish, half-Japanese, but he has never cared about his son. Nevertheless young Felix likes travelling the world, since he has all the time on his hands, but still comes back to his home in Ireland, where he has said to feel the most safe.

Hecate, being the mistress of all vampires, gave birth accompanied by vampire-nurses, named her child "Felix", meaning luck (one of the few acts of kindness she showed to him) and threw him into the mundane world to cope on his own. Well, she was clever enough to deliver him to the first warlock who had the misery to summon her - the old Aldous Nix, who albeit eccentric and old-fashioned rendered the roof over Felix's head and the food on his table. After Nix's death, Felix was taken under the wing of Magnus Bane and then left to live in Dublin, went through a hormonic-teen perion, in which he refused to accept his demon side and even studied as a normal human in The Trinity College.

Downworlder: Warlock
Password: Morgenstern
Charamber 5 years ago
I love tmi. But this to is dead. I could help you try to revive it~
ihearttmi 6 years ago
Application for oc character
Name: Madelyn Nicole Hunter
Age: 16 years old
Faceclaim: Elle Fanning
Personality: Short-tempered, sarcastic, closed-off, cultured, sort of a female Jace
What are you?: Shadowhunter (part vampire {vamp strength, night vision, pale pallor, but able to go in sun and doesn't drink blood})
Weapon of choice: Misericorde (Long thin dagger used to get into the cracks in armor {Used by Sebastian in CoHF})
Password: Morgenstern
sea-of-fandoms 6 years ago
Can I be Jem? He's originally from the infernal devices, but he'll appear in the last book.
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